Review on Three dark crowns by Kendare Blake

Three dark crowns is a great new fantasy novel which I recommend to any readers. In every generation on the island of Fennbrin three triplets are born possessing different types of magic. All of the triplets have the equal right to the throne after they turn sixteen and prove their powers.Mirabella is a elemental with the ability to spark flames and start storms. Arsinoe is a naturalist with the ability to bloom any flower and tame the fiercest lion.Katharine is a poisoner with the ability to ingest the deadliest poisons without as much as a stomachache ache. This book is slow at the start within finding the past of this island and the girls and there abilities, but Katharine cant ingest any poisons without convulsing,vomiting and sweating.Arsinoe cant bloom a dandelion nor tame a bird, but Mirabella can start hungry flames and start furious storms. When the triplets  turn 16 they have to fight ,after the Quickening ceremony, for the crown. But things turn for a dark but surprising ending. I highly recommend this book to any fantasy lovers.

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