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The first work, the love song of j Alfred Prufrock, is a darker poem not even about love at all.IF anything it would be an emo love song if that. The first work is this man who is going through the 7 layers of hell (Dante). Dantes Inferno goes into depth about each layer of hell and how its reserved for different types of people and they are divided into circles. The first circle (limbo), second circle (lust), Third circle (gluttony), fourth circle (greed), fifth circle (Anger), Sixth circle (heresy), seventh circle  (violence), Eighth circle (fraud), ninth circle (Treachery).The narrator is going through the layer specifically for liars then one of its inhabitants come up to him and tell him that he is done lieing and now he will only tell the truth because he has nothing to lose. Then the narrator looks back on himself and explains how he feels worthless and nothing good will ever come to him and he never will deserve anything good. The irony throughout the poem is a major part even just the title love song, you are supposed to imagine it as a soft loving poem but its dark, brooding and upsetting. The poem Disillusionment of 10 o’clock is based on the idea of time. The time imagery throughout the poem is relevant to how the poem carries the idea that time is always going along never stopping. The time is flowing and isn’t changing our way like the author mentions beads of the centuries and nightgowns which is a hint to olden ages where those kinds of articles of clothing were more proper. But the ending of the poem is representative of the fact that many people in life are so fixated on the past and never think about the future. The ending shows that people who relax (get drunk in the poem but you don’t have to get drunk though this was just the poems example ) and fantasize about the future are the people who understand life better and get the most out of it than thinking about the past too much. These poems had such deeper and grander meanings filled with irony and metaphors. Image result for poem pictures

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Huckleberry Finn was a good novel as it accomplished its themes and made a heart-wrenching story. The characters Mark Twain made were mostly morally grey due to the fact that they were so devoted to what was socially acceptable then compared to today which made us the reader feel confused on certain characters such as miss Watson, Judith Watson, and Aunt Sally. But overall I did like this book its just certain areas did drag just when they were on the raft of just chapters fo talking just to Jim which you couldn’t really understand due to the fact of jims hard southern accent and the fact he doesn’t know how to read. Personally, it did beat my expectations but that’s because overall they were low anyway but still there were some low points in the book that I really didn’t enjoy. Overall, I’m happy I was forced to read this book to at least say that ive had read this book. Huckleberry Finn is semi-similar yet very different compared to other novels I read because I read young adult dystopian/mystery novels while Huckleberry Finn is a coming of age story. This novel did make me want to venture out into more coming of age stories but its historical background and societal issues bothered me because I felt like I was learning more of what I already learned about in the fifth grade. The ending was kinda forced I wish it could’ve spanned over maybe two more chapters explaining how terrified tom was to see Jim chained up and to go more in depth about how miss Watson died and Jim was free months ago and I wanted tom to openly admit the reasons why he never told Jim and huck because he just wanted his adventure  even if it cost Jim and huck time and safety. As well as the body that they found way earlier in the story was pap find it really shows the character Jim has of how much he cares about huck. For modern readers, I feel like the most important thing they can take away from this novel is the fact that even in harsh circumstances bonds can be created and grow in depth, as well as the civilization thing, is important too. This book still kinda is representative of discrimination of African Americans and women still prevalent in today’s society. My idea for my final project is to paint two windows representative of two major themes/ideas prevalent in the novel such as the coming of age and that we are all equal.

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In chapter 30 it takes place after the whole raid of the will goes wrong. The paranoia that has overcome the king is very prevalent and even blames his partner in crime which shows how much this character is hungry for power and money. The character development between Jim and Huck continues to grow with huck opening up to him and telling him everything and well as the hugging when they finally see each other again and Jim pulls huck out of the water like giving him a hand when he is in need. I think the relationship between the king and the duke represents some of the huck and Jims were they may get separated but they always go back to each other because that what they only have. In chapter 31 we find out the king sold Jim for extra money.this shows the development of the king has gone so low that he sold Jim who he knew was important to huck just for extra money. We do find out from the duke that he was sold to a sawmill owned by a man named Phelps. After finding the huck could find Jim, Huck broke down sobbing and crying and even goes back on his own morals and prays. This chapter has a lot of character development for huck because he realizes how much Jim has done for him and how much Jim means to him. Huck begins to realize Jim is a human and huck is willing to go to hell just to save Jim. In chapter 32 huck meets Sally Phelps, when he makes it to the plantation, she thinks huck is tom sawyer.”Aunt” Sally is a very morally grey character because she welcomes huck-tom and is super patient with him for answering questions about the family.BUt aunt sally makes the racist remark after huck saying one black man died and sally says its good no people got hurt…she doesn’t even see them and people. Huck doesn’t really show andy character development in this chapter. In chapter 33 hucks development really kinda takes a downfall because tom sawyer show back up and huck seems again to be the sidekick. As well as we find out the fate of the king and the duke by dying to tar and feathering yet after everything huck still feels sorry for them but this shows a greater side of huck because of he shows his realism side by saying all humans are cruel to each other. Hucks character development really shows between all of these chapters. I predict that they will be able to save Jim but some major consequence is going to unfold of happening I think pap Finn is going to come back again.Image result for tarring and feather memes

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Out of all the authors I choose ayn rand.Ayn Rand is known for being one of the most controversial individualists. I swear, by my life and my love of it, that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.Ayn Rand also wrote screenplays and one of them was produced on Broadway.I choose here due to her weird name and the first things that popped up were that she was a self-proclaimed philosopher and that she is actually relevant to today due to her views.Ayn Rand also wrote screenplays and one of them was produced on Broadway.She is also known for rejecting beliefs and religion as well as her political stands. She was very critical about many philosophers other than more of the classic liberal philosophers.There is actually a cult/church of ayn rand because of her political views that certain people really agreed with more along the lines of Republicans while Democrats hate her views especially one of her most known books being “atlas struggled”.  one of her philosophies that are widely known is objectivism.Objectivism was created by ayn rand and the backing of it is we should be more selfish and help ourselves before others and in order to find the happiness, you must help yourself first.Ayn’s main way of expression was writing novels and screenplays.This impacted my decision greatly because she seems to talk a lot about philosophy which is interesting and she is very relevant today due to her views being so political and highly known republicans (Paul Ryan) taking her words and shaping his ideas around her words.Some works by Ayn I find interesting are Anthem, Atlas Struggled and the virtue of selfishness.Atlas Struggled in the main book that has the many ideas all the politicians are getting and it was one of her first books to sell a lot.The virtue of selfishness is very controversial because literally in the tile it’s saying that selfishness which is seen as bad is actually a virtue. Anthem is the dystopian novel which already peaks my interest and is one of her first books that talks about objectivism.In excited to be reading one of her books and understand why she is so relevant in today’s politics.

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My impression of the book before even reading it, just like hearing people talk about was grueling because of its a classic so it either really good or its physical pain to read it.But so far the adventures of Huckleberry Finn have surpassed my expectations, even though they were very low, by just the way mark twain writes with satire making fun of things that are still relevant to today like romanticism, society and white privilege.Yet mark twain keeps this subtly about his satire which makes it even better due to is slyness that kinda hard to catch if you don’t understand what he is trying to convey through metaphors to make it funny.One thing I love about this book is how fast past it is, and another interesting plot point is how huck is mature for his age compared to tom sawyer.Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn are best friends even though how different they are which builds such a great opportunity for character development to show the difference.Tom Sawyer is very childish and supposed to represent southern romanticism which basically the opposite of Huckleberry Finn who is a realist who represents mark twains voice in the ways of life huckle is put through.I do like the fact that complete opposites are best friends, they go well together even though they argue or bud heads a lot they still depend on each other.One plot point I found very interesting is that huck and his father are very superstitious because they aren’t religious at all.When huck lived with the widow he was forced to be religious because she was and he never understood it and when he was praying he was always childish asking for gifts from god instead of hoping for a better life for other people.Huck would throw salt over his but when he couldn’t do it he freaked out which shows that dependency on superstitions instead of religion where everyone in the south restored to that if the had the money and privilege. One thing i really do dislike about this book is the south accents while huck is thinking or someone is talking to him, it’s so hard to read and interpret.Overall I don’t hate this book, yet I would willingly pick this book for myself.

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The short story “The celebrated jumping frog of  Calaveras County” is actually one o my favorites we’ve read this year due to its well-thought out-ness and over theme as well as how this county in California still to this day is known for this frog jumping competition due to twain making fun of it.The well -thought out-ness I really enjoyed was how the “unintelligent man”  made the seemingly intelligent man listen to him babble on about nothing due to his morals the intelligent man couldn’t get up and leave. The overall theme was just because you got a higher paid education doesn’t mean you’re any smarter also this could be summarized and not judging someone’s intelligence based on their looks.How we handled AR this quarter I enjoyed because obviously I was forced to read but I got to pick my book and explain it, even though I hated my book due to the hatred I had to the narrator.I wish I did select somthing more towards what I like.I just hated making the book trailer because I had to create this hype towards a book I didn’t enjoy.But this did make me read even though I do read but I got more points compared to AR so that was a good thing.After reading the first chapter of huck and finn this book has sparked my interest due to the irony and I know the southern dialect is going to be kind of an issue but as long as we semi discuss it in class, I will be able to understand everything better.Image result for huckleberry finn

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Satire  defined as “the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.”Satire is other words is basically a roast of someone or there view/opinions but its mostly used on politicians or major public figurehead who openly voice their opinions.This is because they voice their opinions so much that people always try to poke holes in their views just to disagree with them and make them seem as bad people or illligeniment.Many comedians use satire as an approach to impression a politician or major figurehead.My personal experience with satire is a lot throughout my life cause people use humor as a way to cope with something they cant handle.During last years election, there were many funny memes and internet video about Trump and Hillary and how the world was going to end.Everyone was freaking out, the whole country was in a panic but shows like SNL made fun of our circumstances just so we can find something funny out of that election and calm us down.Like more recently with trump becoming president, in which were everyone who didn’t support him(which is a lot).From News channels to SNL everyone made fun of him for his radical view which is so different than anyone thought.Personally, I laugh at a lot so I love all types of humor like anti-jokes, dark humor, puns, impression ( which is basically satire).The one thing I don’t really find that funny is two certain teachers jokes because they are such dad jokes that it rough to listen to or har to react, because they want the whole class to laugh but only one person chuckles even if ( no means to be rude to those teachers).The examples I provided for the assignment was Mad Tv’s skit of arocrombie and fitch which made fun of how there clothing is only advertised for only half-naked white men or women.My other example was smosh’s video of what if Donald Trump and it made him do simple tasks if he was different which makes fun of him a lot.The only thing I know about mark twain is that he wrote in satire. Apparently, he was saved nine times from drowning in the Mississippi which shows that he is a very bad swimmer which I never knew.Image result for fun facts of mark twain

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As we got into the middle of the film Vertigo we had to think of what could happen next or how the movie is going to end.Vertigo is about a retired FBI agent who is told to investigate a friends wife because her husband is worried about reaction to certain parts of the film has been all over the place.One of the many parts I got mad at Scotti was when Gavin (the husband)  gave the initial task to Scotti.Scotti should’ve noticed how weird Gavin was acting and should ‘ve been more careful with everything.The way he even followed Maddie was aggravating because he did it so closely” like when Maddie went into an alleyway to get flowers he just flat out followed her if she just turned around she would’ve known( if it actually wasn’t planned all the way). I understand why he quit being a detective.Another thing that majorly bothers me was when he followed Judy then is forcing her to basically “become” Maddie.By buying her business-like attire and forcing her to dye her hair and completely change into her.Judy should’ve gotten up and left him she shouldn’t have taken that being forced to change there is that old saying “never change for the person you love” Judy apparently didn’t understand it.Another major key point that bothered me was there were multiple scenes where the camera focused on Judy/maddies silhouette and then when Scotti met Judy and he noticed the silhouette he should’ve known it was her.I hated that Scotti basically romanticized her depression and suicidal tendencies to benefit his ego which he fell in love with.I don’t think he was in love with her I think he was in love with the idea of being a hero.One thing I did like was when Scotti pieced together everything of the painting and the old family member Caroline.This has been a great movie so far I hope nothing maddening happens…….




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After all the in-depth presentation of Song of Myself by Walt Whitman,  I understood the poem more and comprehended his perspective on life and how he held himself and others.Walt Whitman is the kind of person who is an optimist and loves everyone as well as believing that everyone is good no matter what.Song of Myself is about Walt finding himself throughout his thoughts and mainly in society.A general interesting fact of song for myself is that throughout Walts life he would revise it and then at the end of leaves of grass he had poems that looked throughout his life and what he learned.Personally, i found my section one of the most interesting because it talked a lot about society and how society’s future is in the hands of the younger generation which I can’t help but agree with.Section 4 was very interesting because it talks about being surrounded by people who are freeloaders who have no original ideas and keep rehashing the same thing in a multitude of ways.This is very relevant in today’s society just by not many original ideas are out there because most of the time they are based on something which is still like copying just in a different way.In this section, he does mention that even though he does seem happy all the time, he and everyone else still experience negative things.One other thing I agree with that he mentions just briefly in this section is that he is uncertain of the future which is obviously agreeable but I like that fact that he just mentions it and he does play with it later on in the poem.This is a very important thing to point out which I think connects to the other section I really liked.The other section that I really enjoyed talking about was section 3 even though its majority was basically talking about sex.I only liked the beginning part where he is basically talking about how we should be focusing on the now rather than arguing about different ideals which is basically the majority of what happens in today politics.I understand why this poem is the most influential due to its positive and lives perspectives.

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“Civil Disobedience” is an interesting read by Thoreau because it can still be applied to today’s government and makes us think about how things are being run today.The excerpt is very universal because we always crave for the figurehead that stands for order and what we need for a calmer society.  Thoreau openly accepts the motto “That government is best which governs least” and this motto is used throughout the reading to prove Thoreau’s point.The motto “That government is best which governs least” speaks volumes of the governmental system and how it should be run.”That government is best which governs least” explains that the government that doesn’t have to keep making its presence known is the best government because their people can live their daily lives without the idea of the government stepping in there daily lives.This motto states the government’s role is to govern the people and keep order but it should just come naturally due to human instinct, The government shouldn’t  have to impact the daily lives of there citizens.In this excerpt. Thoreau talks about almost this ideal government “Let every man make known what kind of government would command his respect, and that will be one step toward obtaining it. . .” this shows the idea that mans ideal government has to be worked toward and together so they can achieve their goal.I feel like Thoreau was talking about a government that is controlled by the people about the idea of it being a democracy.Democracy is the kind of government that is created by the people for the people so they have a say in the government’s policies and laws.  Democracy is the kind of government that’s created by the people for the people so they can get their opinions out there so this government demands the most respect because it made by the people from there own ideas.Civil disobedience has shown influence to Gandhi, Martin Luther King jr of effectiveness in their protests by showing that peaceful protest is the only way to gain the influence of the public.This excerpt should still be referred back to even today for the almost “guidelines” of how to peacefully protest.

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