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Well my thoughts on the novel Huckleberry Finn is that it’s not bad but not something I enjoyed having to read. I personally did not think this book was my type of novel but as I heard from other people that this is a good book but I could say that its average. My thoughts on the novel is that I would have ever expected this kind of outcome. I would say this book was average but nothing to special just surprising things that end up changing so quickly and something that you think would never happen the way it did in Huckleberry Finn. Also this book had many different themes throughout the book with all the different stuff that was going on in each other characters lives such as southern romanticism, satire, racism, and ect. This book compares to other novels I have read because I am a person who like sports, drama, and some funny books because as I am reading I know what it going on or in sports books or have some background knowledge on that books so I know on what’s happening so this book was different for me to relate it with something and also trying to get into when I know it wasn’t something I was interested in. Jim out of all people getting free and becoming rich, never would have thought that was going to happen. Also Huck is getting adopted by Aunt Sally at the ever end of the book was another surprising thing to occur. What I was expecting to happen is that Jim would never come out of jail in the first place and I wasn’t really sure what was going to happen with Huck. What I believe you should/could take away from this novel is that racism or religion or race doesn’t matter what it is treat everyone the same we are all still humans live our lives each day to the fullest that too choose to. Yes, this novel still applies to today because people are all about race or religion it doesn’t matter. For our Huck Finn project we will be doing something like Cards against Humanity and we plan on making white and black cards and using some of the themes to come up with our idea to put on the cards. We picked this projected because we wanted to do a game and then our teacher gave us this name Huck against Humanity and then we were like yes we are going to do that for our project. Our goals it to get a good grade on this project and try our best to make it a good working game.

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