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In the poem “The love song of J. Alfred Prufrock”, “Disillusionment of 10 o’clock” and “Anyone lived in a pretty how town by e. e. Cummings” are all related in a way. They are related in the way that they are depressing, loneliness and the last thing is time. In this poem “The love song of J. Alfred Prufrock” there is many figured language going on, personification is right in the title. How this poem develops this theme is that he is classy, fool and high end and tries to fit in with others. Next is “Disillusion of 10 o’clock” and I am not really sure of the theme but what I think it might have to do something with is that the there was a drunk sailor which equals the hero. The rest of this poem is just hard to really understand what’s going on. The last poem is “anyone lived in a pretty how town” which this one gives a better understanding on  what’s happening and gives you a more obvious idea what the theme is. The theme for this poem is that anyone is referring to male character and someone is referring to female character as it is used a lot throughout this poem. These three poems show theme is the way that they all relay on time and that loneliness is a thing in today’s world. I think they can all relate to today’s society but I would choose “Anyone lived in a pretty how town” because it talks about a typical small town and that is like Bloomsburg. I liked the poems “The long song” and “Anyone lived in a pretty how town” because I could understand the themes of them and it wasn’t hard to understand what the poem was talking about. The poem I disliked was “Disillusion of 10 o’clock” because it hard to understand what the poem was even trying to say and also I wasn’t sure of the theme. My personal opinion is that I thought it was not a good poem at all. Besides the figured language there was many other stuff that I took notes on for the poem “The love song” unlike the others.

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Blog 24

Well my thoughts on the novel Huckleberry Finn is that it’s not bad but not something I enjoyed having to read. I personally did not think this book was my type of novel but as I heard from other people that this is a good book but I could say that its average. My thoughts on the novel is that I would have ever expected this kind of outcome. I would say this book was average but nothing to special just surprising things that end up changing so quickly and something that you think would never happen the way it did in Huckleberry Finn. Also this book had many different themes throughout the book with all the different stuff that was going on in each other characters lives such as southern romanticism, satire, racism, and ect. This book compares to other novels I have read because I am a person who like sports, drama, and some funny books because as I am reading I know what it going on or in sports books or have some background knowledge on that books so I know on what’s happening so this book was different for me to relate it with something and also trying to get into when I know it wasn’t something I was interested in. Jim out of all people getting free and becoming rich, never would have thought that was going to happen. Also Huck is getting adopted by Aunt Sally at the ever end of the book was another surprising thing to occur. What I was expecting to happen is that Jim would never come out of jail in the first place and I wasn’t really sure what was going to happen with Huck. What I believe you should/could take away from this novel is that racism or religion or race doesn’t matter what it is treat everyone the same we are all still humans live our lives each day to the fullest that too choose to. Yes, this novel still applies to today because people are all about race or religion it doesn’t matter. For our Huck Finn project we will be doing something like Cards against Humanity and we plan on making white and black cards and using some of the themes to come up with our idea to put on the cards. We picked this projected because we wanted to do a game and then our teacher gave us this name Huck against Humanity and then we were like yes we are going to do that for our project. Our goals it to get a good grade on this project and try our best to make it a good working game.

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Blog 23

In these few chapters there is a lot to talk about. The most important moments in these chapters is the finding out of Jim being sold and also when Huck goes to Tom Sawyer’s Aunt Sally’s house and the whole family mistaken Huck for being Tom. When Jim gets sold it is a very important part because it shows Southern romanticism and how much a father figure Jim is to Huck. We meet Tom’s Aunt Sally and more of Tom’s family.  We also learn about Silas Phelps, Tom’s Uncle. We learn that Silas and Sally have a bunch of kids and are very hospitable folks and very big hearted people. We learn more about Huck and also Tom. We learn more about how Huck feels about Jim and how he cares for him. Huck is also growing into more of an adult and is able to problem solving and use critical thinking to try and help Jim escape where he is being held. We also learn about Toms personality and how he helps Huck with a plan to free Jim. We do not hear much about the Phelps’s farm but Huck believes that Jim is being held there. I think that Tom and Huck are going to try and devise a plan to help free Jim and get him out of there.


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The person I selected for the IR 4th quarter is Louise Erdrich. I selected Louise Erdrich from the help of my teacher because I was having trouble finding my author that was approved to use for this project. After he gave me a couple of authors I researched them to see which one would be my best selection and I decided on Lousie Erdrich. I picked her because after reading information about her she seems like a good author and one that would be somewhat interesting to me. This author was once named one of People magazine’s most beautiful people, Louise Erdrich (born 1954) is a Native American writer with a wide popular appeal. The impact is that reading her book descriptions seemed like she writes good books that I can enjoy reading and not hating myself for picking her as an author. The three most interesting works about this author are Beet Queen, Grandmothers Pigeon, and Chickadee. The first book that I picked grabbed my eye because it’s kind of like a mystery that you are waiting to see what’s going to happen but also is taking about love. The second book that caught my eye was the Grandmother Pigeon because she talks about leaving her family unexpectedly and leaving her memories behind and it’s sad but in the same way it makes we want to read the book to see what’s actually going to happen to grandma and the family with the separation.  The last book that was interesting was the Chickadee even though it sounds weird it seems like a good book. Chickadee is about twin brothers and then something happens and the brothers separate. It makes me wonder why the brother are separating and for what reason like are they fighting or what? Like I just want to read this book because it makes me wonder what is happening with the brothers. Louise Erdrich was the oldest of seven children, was born in Little Falls, Minnesota on July 6, 1954. Louise grew up in Wahpeton, North Dakota where her parents taught at the Bureau of Indian Affairs School. At the early age in her life her parents encouraged her to write stories.

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Blog 21

The book “Adventures of Huckleberry Fin” has been quite different.  When looking at the book it seems boring but I have read up to chapter 6 so far and what I have read it seem very interesting and I’m not a type of person that gets into books very easily when the teacher tells you what you should be reading. As I am reading this book I am having many different feelings about it. There are many things I can predict on what I think is going to happen because something happens and then it makes me think like oh well since this is going to happen then what can possible be the outcome of that. Stuff kind of along that mind thought. This book also has satire and humor in it. When I am reading this book Huck seems like an adventurous person. There are many different things in this novel that I like and also dislike. I like the adventurous parts and the excitement that comes out of the adventures that Huck goes on. I also like the way the book flows and how is it not very difficult to read. It makes the book more likeable and gives me more motivation to continue reading. There are also parts of the chapter in this novel that I dislike. I disliked the fact that Huck was not able to escape his father sooner. I thought some parts of this chapter were interesting such as the parts where Huck was using his problem solving skills to try and escape the cabin Pap had him locked in. He was about to find a saw and was trying to cut his way out. Another interesting part of this chapter was that Huck had to stay up and make sure his father would not try and kill him while he was asleep. The chapter we read in this novel was much better than I expected because it was very descriptive and there was also a lot of things that were happening throughout the whole of it. This chapter is definitely one of my favorites so far do to all the moving parts throughout.


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Blog 20

My thoughts on “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County” is that it can be difficult to understand. When I read this poem I did not really like it. It was just too boring and really not entertaining. He uses many different kinds of satire and humor thought out this poem. There are many examples as you are reading that can catch your eye. For independent reading for the third quarter I loved it way more than then having to read 2 books each quarter. In my opinion it made me actually want to sit down and take some time to read the book because then I didn’t have to worry about taking a test and possible end up failing it when all we had to do was make a movie trailer. Making the movie trailer was simple after reading my book. It was just putting what u read into an intro video. Well by reading only the first chapter I don’t really have a good understanding of it so far but my first impression on this is that this is about a young boy who is seems to be adventurous and or outgoing. It kind of seems like he lives alone and then associates with family’s members as he chooses to.

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When I first saw the word satire I had no idea what it meant so I went to google to look up what the word actually meant. I can personal relate to this is a ways that there is humor every day in my life weather I realize it or not there is. You can find satire in lots of things like TV shows, magazines and or any of your social media apps. Sometimes at my house the big bang theory is on I don’t really watch it but I can hear it and sometimes I tend to listen to what’s going on and they have so much humor that it can be funny. An example of this is . I picked this video because the satire in this is just about every other line that they say in the video and when they say bananas that are just cutting out bad words. Well I personal don’t know that much about Mark Twain at all except the fact that he is an American writer. The name Mark Twain was pseudonym of Samuel Langhorne Clemens, but was an American writer, humorist, entrepreneur, publisher, and lecturer. With that being said Mark Twain wrote the classic American novels ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’ and ‘Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.’ Something that I didn’t know was that when he was born 2 months prematurely he was relatively in poor health for the first 10 year of his life then. Then his mother tried many things life allopathic and hydropathic remedies on when especially when he was young. Mark Twain continued to write for newspapers, traveling to Hawaii for the Sacramento Union and also writing for New York newspapers, but he apparently wanted to become something more than a journalist. That same year, he moved to New York City, serving as the traveling correspondent for the San Francisco Alta California and for New York newspapers. What I can take away from this is that he seems famous for newspapers and also being a journalist of some type because he is always seeming to be publishing something to somewhere around the country.


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Blog 18

My reaction to this film so far is that it’s neutral, mixed feelings about it. There’s ways that’s its good but then there’s ways that it’s not so good.  A way that it is good is that it’s kind of like a mystery that you are solving as you keep watching the film. Another thing that I found interesting is that when the one lady dies she is replace with like a mirror image of a new lady. Also when the girl wakes up at a stranger’s house naked in the bed she didn’t freak out. I would be going crazy knowing I was naked in someone else’s house that I don’t even know. A way that I thought it was not so good is how they talk in the movie it lags from when they are actually talking but oh well because not everything is perfect. A part that I found interesting is the trailer that I watched helped me in a way of understand more as we started watching the movie in class and I saw the parts in the movie and then I had a better connection on what was happening and going on at that time. What I think could possible happen is very many different things it just depends what kind of mind set. My prediction on Vertigo is this film can go many ways as in leave you in surprise, shock, worried, and maybe even confuse in the littlest way. You will never know what’s going to happen with a film like this. In my opinion there is a lot that has happened so far in this film but then there’s still half the film left which you have no idea what’s coming up. I honestly have no idea what to type any more about Vertigo the film.


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Blog 18

My reaction to the “Song of Myself” by Walt Whitman is that I thought it was very different and kind of boring. It was different in way that I think it was a waste of time because in some aspects it was hard to understand its full meaning. Every little line in the poem means something different but in the end it all come back and relates to one thing. But mainly thought out this poem it is referring to society. The section I liked the most other than our groups section would be section 52. I picked section 52 because that’s the section I found most interesting. Section 52 is telling us that he is talking about what he has that he leaves behind him. As “I stop somewhere waiting for you.” that is saying that he is waiting for you but his soul has been gone as the time is passing. Another thing is “Failing to fetch me at first keep encouraged,” is saying that he is passionate about what he talks about even after his death. Now after reading this poem and analyzing this line by line I think I have a more understanding then when we just had to read the poem because somethings mean something totally different then what you would have thought it meant. When reading a book or poem, really anything when he is saying life purpose that is meaning that it is relating to society, just like in the poem every time there was the word grass is was going back and relating it to society. How come this poem was so hard to understand? Why did each line need to be broken down so much and talked about into more details? What I would rate “Song of my self” By Walt Whitman poem would be a 5/10. I picked a 5/10 because there is just so much to know in each single line and some words in a line can have a different meaning than the line. My personal opinion is that I don’t think this poem was that good because like I said above just to much information.


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Blog 17

After reading Thoreau’s “Civil Disobedience” I think that it should and shouldn’t be that “that government is best which governs least”. It should because it would be safer and we wouldn’t have to worry about some crazy thing going to happen but at the same time it shouldn’t be because we would be able to do more but be cautious of what we plan on doing.  What popped out at me while I was reading Thoreau’s “Civil Disobedience” is that “Government is at best but an expedient; but most governments are usually, and all governments are sometimes, inexpedient.” It stood out to me because this article is all about the government but this quote is saying that it can be expedient or inexpedient. The governments commands your respect in the way that it can be dictator ship because if you have one soul leader and if you say you don’t like him you are most likely to die. That reason is because they would want the country like them and not dislike them because if they said they didn’t like them the people could end up dead. Civil disobedience is basically to draw more attention in a simple way of life and not having to deal with a riot. Yes, it is still effective today because we are able to protest and riot in today’s world to get your word out and expressed you feelings.

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