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blog 7

the past couple of weeks we have been going over poetry. my least favorite thing on this entire planet other than school itself. the reason i hate poetry so much? i think poetry is meant to be interpreted differently by different audiences, like you should let it impact you how you want depending on where you are in life or what your going through, like music. but the way we are taught poetry is very different. especially using a poem that our teacher wrote himself allows him to be biast as to how we interpret the poem. i personally hate poetry for this reason, and i also suck at writing them because i hate them and have no will to make one because people will expect a specific meaning when there isn’t one, its meant to be inspirational to each individual in there own way. i haven’t wrote my first poem yet so i don’t know of anything to change about my techniques but ill give it a shot with my second poem and just try to make some sort of rhythm and rhyme but ill probably have Mrs Schultz help me because i am terrible at it and i don’t have the most extensive vocabulary. although it is improving rapidly throughout this school year do to a change in my academic orientation, i still need more time to absorb information before i can just sit down and pump out a beautiful piece of work. but i will make a solid attempt but i am not looking forward to the questions about the poem because i don’t believe there are any correct answers when it comes to interpreting poems because it affects each person individually. even though i feel this way i do know that i have to do it anyway and make those answers anyway because that is what the class requires even thought i disagree.


so this week we went over elements of a short story which i already knew about for the most part. that should be expected thought, if i didn’t know the elements of a short story by English 11 someone needs fired. but i do so its okay everyone can keep there job. i think the most important part of  the elements is the miluea, this plays a large roll in what happens in a story. i didn’t realize it before but the time period in which a story takes place is very important. many things take roll in how a character behaves and even live. for example the miluea of of the united states during the great depression was despair, fear, and depression. but it could be something smaller than that, like maybe its someones birthday, and if the story was short enough the miluea would be happiness and excitement, miluea is often effected by a large event though such as something going down in history like a war or something along those lines. although it doesn’t have to be a bad miluea can affect the characters mood/plot positively as well, such as martin Luther king, during his up-rise the black community was uplifted with high spirits excited for equality at last.  such events like these determine how characters react to certain other events going on throughout the story. other than the miluea of a story i think the resolution is also rather important. simply because the end of the story decides how someone feels when they finish the story. weather they are left hanging sad or happy, is decided by the resolution. i prefer to have no unanswered question when i finish a story unless of course there is a seaqual because who doesn’t like a sequal.

first week

my first week of school was not to great, i kinda screwed myself over last year with my grades. before lunch i have junior classes and after lunch i have senior classes. i wasn’t entirely expecting to get held back since none informed me i failed but i kinda figured i did. but anyway the few junior classes im in aren’t to great as well as my senior classes for one simple reason. i got into a fight over the summer because someone tried to rob me, now i have to sit in class with the assholes and since i turned 18 i really cant do anything. so i just gotta swallow my pride and deal with it. other than these downsides i enjoy my schedule. all my teachers are pretty hype, and fun. also i big change for me is this is my first year of high school being single, and that is a very big difference just adjusting to not worrying about my girlfriend at all throughout the day, and honestly i dont know how i feel about it. its something i think about a lot because it was a three year relationship. but oh well everything has an expiration date, just live learn and move on. after last year im going to take school seriously because i need to graduate and get my life together im already out of my parents house so its time to get serious. so yeah the first week of school wasn’t too hot for me, it was more of a wake up call more than anything. although that is not a bad thing, i needed to wake up and realize i need to get my shit together. so this year should be the start of a new more successful me, i just need to stop being so lazy.

blog 22

The author i chose was Jack London. i’ve never really enjoyed reading  but in 8th grade i read white fang and it was my favorite book ever. i think it might have been the first book i read start to finish also. i have also read call of the wild and the sea wolf by jack London. these books are what made me like jack London. Jack London was an american novelist, this didn’t sway my decision even a little bit, i already knew who i wanted. i just had to make sure he was on the list. my favorite works by jack London are white fang, call of the wild,  and the sea wolf. all three of these books have an intense story line and they are all outdoorsy adventurous stories. which is pretty much the only kind of book i read. jack London was around from the late 1800s to the early 1900s. in this time he wrote many novels and became one of the first authors to become worldwide famous and make a fortune from writing. jack London was the type of person that wanted to do new things, never sat around waiting for something to happen. some of his stories are based from his own experiences and adventures which is cool as hell to me.

blog 17

after reading Thoreau “civil disobedience” which says government which governs least. i personally agree with this. i believe people should be able to make their own decisions especially on private property. if you are on your land do whatever you want, that’s how i feel. government really doesn’t effect people on the personal level very often, yeah you gotta pay taxes and stuff but at least you can sit down at the end of the day and do nothing without worrying about government people smashing through your door. personally i would prefer no government but i also dont care. to me its easiest to just give the government what they want to keep them off my back. as long you give them money they’ll leave you alone. even if your a murderer you can get away with it as long as you have deep pockets, AL Capone did it for years, until he got caught not paying taxes. so as long as you give them money they wont really bother you. i honestly don’t have much of a problem with our government at all. its actually pretty nice, you just pay your taxes and we have free schools and maintained roads and usually you are mostly safe. civil disobedience is certainly still effective most commonly seen today would be in the debate about gun laws. using “civil disobedience” citizens protest for either stricter gun laws or for them to stay the same, and many citizens want to outlaw AR-15 assault rifles. so far no gun laws have changed since the debate so this example has not been successful but there are plenty of instances where civil disobedience worked and made real changes in the world. civil disobedience will always be around, all it is is an argument. the only thing that decides who will win the argument always will depend on who is arguing and what they are arguing for. so as long as there are people here there will be civil disobedience.



For a film of this time period i expected it to be pretty boring, but as we continued watching the movie it became more and more appealing through the plot. i particularly like the character mage because throughout the film she is a key helper in having johnny reveal information that will further our understanding of the movie.  Her purpose as a character is to help us in knowing what information happens to be on Johnny’s mind through the film, without her being in this we would be in much more confusion so I am glad that she is a part of it.  Throughout this film I really enjoyed that it constantly kept me on edge. I was never able to completely grasp what was about to happen and that was something I particularly enjoyed about the film because it has been a long time since I have seen a movie that actually made me think about it.  While I enjoyed the fact that the movie made me think a lot it was also something that I did not enjoy.  It was hard to watch this film because I am so used to movies not being confusing that it almost made this one not enjoyable.  Another thing that I did not enjoy about the movie was that it kind of seemed like Johnny was a stalker when he was spying on the girl, I do not know why but i just got the feeling that he was way to obsessive. Some of the predictions I would have had about the film would be that Johnny is going to kill the girl. I feel like since he was so obsessive he would try to kill her or something. The premise of the film is to give you a sense of vertigo and I would say that it is successful in doing so becuase you are pretty much always in a state of confusion.

independant reading.

I believe the purpose of independent reading is to keep your mind sharp. reading on our own helps increase your brains ability to learn and your vocabulary. I honestly hate reading. I have always read extremely slow, and as I get older and have more and more things going on in my life, i find less and less time to read. not that i want to but its still something i’ve noticed. the only thing that encourages me to read is if its something i am interested in. such as racing or vehicles and things of that sort. The book i chose however is not about this because there are no good books in those categories. just good magazine articles. The Sea Wolf is the book i chose. i chose this book simply because it is by jack London. The last 3 books i have read were by him and i think he is a great author. After diving into the first chapter of this book I realized it was going to be action packed and quite graphic in a way. The situations at hand are very well explained and its very easy to make a picture in your mind of what is going on. I would have to say, based on the first chapter, that there will be a ship wreck on the open ocean. The trailer we have to make about our books is certainly different compared to other assignments and i’m not entirely sure how i’m going to approach it yet, but i will figure something out.

how my method changed

At first when we started this assignment i was lost. I was given the con side of bathroom laws. All i knew about this topic was people wanting to use the opposite sex bathroom from there birth gender. So i got to work, i started doing research on how people felt on the topic, so i could decide how i felt about the topic. I quickly realized that i got the luck of the draw because i agreed, with what i was arguing for. if you ever been in a semi formal debate, you will know it is terrible arguing for something you disagree with. Through this process, i learned the proper way to win an argument. the key is to listen very closely to your opponent. search for weaknesses and remember those weaknesses, then on your turn to speak, bring those things up and destroy their argument. just because i got the luck of the draw doesn’t mean the debate was easy. ill be honest i wasn’t entirely prepared for the debate even tho i had plenty of time. Well i wasn’t prepared at all, actually i was winging it about 90% of the time just turning my opponents own facts against them. This was also very difficult because my opponent was Ben Moore. anyone who knows Ben knows he is always double prepared for anything so this made my argument much more difficult. This whole experience did however make me realize preparation isn’t everything. as long as you have the correct strategy it doesn’t matter how well prepared your opponent they always leave holes to weasel yourself into and tear their point of view apart one piece at a time. This is certainly a more mentally difficult way of entering an argument but it is do-able because, i did it. Just listen very, very closely and you will find flaws. Any flaw can be turned around to be used against them. So with this being said, the way i argue has changed slightly because i will never use this method against someone so well prepared again it is just to difficult.


In my debate i was con bathroom laws. There aren’t very many surprising facts. The argument I thought was most interesting are people worrying about transgenders entering public restroom with there child. I find this interesting because, i have strong opinions about this very argument. This entire topic is certainly an emotional one. This is simply because its an argument about transgender rights so there are people being directly affected emotionally by any decision made. This was a generally easy topic to get on peoples emotional side. The reason this topic is important to me is because, the outcome of the debate will decide how many people will live the rest of there lives. I believe the most important part of my topic is certainly the emotional aspect. This is simply because this topic affects people direct and on the personal level. One outcome means transgenders get what they want but, the other means they get segregated or ignored in a way. through this entire process i have realized there isn’t much preparation for an argument. all you can do is research, and lots of it. You never know what the other person is going to have prepared, so your best bet is to have a comeback ready for everything and that requires a lot of knowledge.

virtues experiment

so this weekend i did a little experiment, i kept track of how many times and which virtues i violated. my house is rather hectic so its pretty easy to break a lot of virtues in a short amount of time. i’m just going to list out which i broke then explain how. Temperance, silence, order, frugality, industry, sincerity, justice, chastity, humility. this may seem like a lot which it is most of them but i don’t know of a single person other than maybe Jesus himself that can go through life without breaking these virtues.  i broke the silence virtue by getting in an argument with my little brother and we exchanged a couple choice words. order, this is probably my biggest one because i don’t think I’ve ever gone a single day in my life without breaking this one i’m just an unorganized and messy person. frugality, this is defiantly a smaller one for me i don’t waste things very often but i do sometimes such as giving my dog table food. industry, this is something almost everyone is guilty of, watching TV. sincerity, not entirely a big one but defiantly a widely broke virtue just think every time you have a sexual or demented thought you break this virtue. justice, anytime you hit someone you break this virtue like i do on almost a daily bases but its okay because i’m just teaching my bros to be tough. chastity, this is probably the virtue i break on the most extreme level but lets not discuss the details. everyone breaks this virtue unless they die a virgin so don’t feel guilty. humility is the last virtue i broke and is probably the most ridiculous / unreasonable virtue. this virtue literally means to imitate Jesus. so as you can see these virtues certainly do not apply to life today, ever really. if these virtues were laws life would actually be terrible, for me anyway. if you think you can live your life without breaking these virtues please do and let me know how it goes. Benjamin Franklin was a great guy and accomplished many great things but if he lived like this hes a little bit crazy too.

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