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bathroom laws

the debate topic i got was transgender bathroom laws. i am arguing against the use of the opposite sex lavatory, just because someone wants to be a girl, and this is also how i feel about the topic. i know very little about the topic just a couple mornings on the radio news taught me what i know. i know of just a few incidents that happened which brought this topic about. after a quick search i found out there are multiple states with gender equality laws and having almost no incidents or problems in public restrooms.this makes my argument for the con side more difficult. for the upcoming debate i plan on collecting as much relevant information and doing a lot of reading. i will be taking small side note with every article i read so i can have a list ready when it comes time to debate. this topic has a lot of emotional motive behind it. the trans people this topic revolves around most likely have trouble with acceptance in the community. all these people want is a place to go to the bathroom. i say suck it up, if you have a penis use the Mens room and if you have a vagina use the women room. a perfect example is a high school student seeking to the boys restroom claiming to be a transgender. this is defiantly a perfect example because it is taking place in the setting of children which is the biggest argument for people against using the opposite sex lavatory.  this issue is still in progress /debate and can be found on CNN news if you want to follow the story. that’s all for the blog today keep up to date to see how i do on the actual debate coming soon.


My experience while writing poetry has been very interesting. Writing poetry takes a lot of expression, deep thoughts, opinions and feelings. The complexity of writing poetry is frustrating and difficult I’ve never been fond of it, never even liked reading it. The first time I had to write any type of poetry was very difficult for me, it actually took more out of me then i thought. I would much rather read poetry then have to write it. The big difference in free verse and stanzaic form is free verse is combined in like a story form it usual makes it harder to comprehend or realize what’s going on and stanzaic form is more organized. I prefer to read stanzaic and to write free verse. Although since i’m supposed to say how i feel about poetry and how i have better understood it through this whole process i’ll just be honest. I absolutely despise poetry not all poetry, but the poetry taught in schools. I love music but i can’t write it, i truly do not understand poetry not one little bit of it. Nothing we have done has helped to improve this either. I have a middle school understanding of poetry and even that is slightly exaggerated because i didn’t understand it then either. this has been a terrible unit/chapter for me, I’m sure my teacher has noticed. i just plain don’t understand poetry and probably never will. I’m not saying i have a bad teacher but that i just don’t get it.

with bloody hands i say good-bye

“with bloody hands i say good-bye” – frank miller. my story revolves around this six word short story.my story came to mind because of an argument me and my girlfriend recently had. it seems like everything i do isn’t good enough, she always wants more no matter how hard i try. as soon as i saw this six word short story i could instantly relate. my story takes place in the early 1900s.

A man named john went to work everyday working on the railroad to feed his family. During the the railroad booming in the early 1900s. Everyday coming home to his family exhausted and overworked. His wife wasn’t happy though, she wanted him to spend more time with them but he couldn’t, he had to pay the bills. His wife got in a huge fight with him the one day after he got home. She told him if he doesn’t find a way she was leaving. So he did, he worked harder than ever just so he could come home early but it was at a cost, he worked so hard his hands were bloody at the end of every day. The worst part was that she still wasn’t happy so one day he came home extra early and told his wife to leave, and there he stood with bloody hands saying good-bye

this story developed mainly with the questions about the characters and conflict. this is the original summary/brain storming of my short story, written off the top of my head. so its very short and not detailed, the questions asked about the story are what gives me all the details for the final draft. the details will be very in depth and descriptive almost as if you’re experiencing it.  until then this short summary will have to do.



Back to school

The first week of school was good but its still school. All in all there really weren’t many down sides anywhere this year. I really have nothing to complain about i like all my teachers. my favorite teacher even got an upgrade 50k and got a lot of nice equipment over the summer, so that is definitely a big upside Not much has changed over the summer other than two teachers leaving. and now since school started Mr. Bressi left as assistant principal to be a principal somewhere.

in american literature we shared certain things about our selves. We made a google slide and presented it in front of class. the one thing that stood out to me because  it was unexpected. Sydney enjoys archery. usually girls dont like that type of thing so it really shocked and surprised. other than Sydney enjoying archery i didn’t find anything particularly interesting or that broke stereotype.

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