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Month: January 2018

virtues experiment

so this weekend i did a little experiment, i kept track of how many times and which virtues i violated. my house is rather hectic so its pretty easy to break a lot of virtues in a short amount of time. i’m just going to list out which i broke then explain how. Temperance, silence, order, frugality, industry, sincerity, justice, chastity, humility. this may seem like a lot which it is most of them but i don’t know of a single person other than maybe Jesus himself that can go through life without breaking these virtues.  i broke the silence virtue by getting in an argument with my little brother and we exchanged a couple choice words. order, this is probably my biggest one because i don’t think I’ve ever gone a single day in my life without breaking this one i’m just an unorganized and messy person. frugality, this is defiantly a smaller one for me i don’t waste things very often but i do sometimes such as giving my dog table food. industry, this is something almost everyone is guilty of, watching TV. sincerity, not entirely a big one but defiantly a widely broke virtue just think every time you have a sexual or demented thought you break this virtue. justice, anytime you hit someone you break this virtue like i do on almost a daily bases but its okay because i’m just teaching my bros to be tough. chastity, this is probably the virtue i break on the most extreme level but lets not discuss the details. everyone breaks this virtue unless they die a virgin so don’t feel guilty. humility is the last virtue i broke and is probably the most ridiculous / unreasonable virtue. this virtue literally means to imitate Jesus. so as you can see these virtues certainly do not apply to life today, ever really. if these virtues were laws life would actually be terrible, for me anyway. if you think you can live your life without breaking these virtues please do and let me know how it goes. Benjamin Franklin was a great guy and accomplished many great things but if he lived like this hes a little bit crazy too.

bathroom laws

the debate topic i got was transgender bathroom laws. i am arguing against the use of the opposite sex lavatory, just because someone wants to be a girl, and this is also how i feel about the topic. i know very little about the topic just a couple mornings on the radio news taught me what i know. i know of just a few incidents that happened which brought this topic about. after a quick search i found out there are multiple states with gender equality laws and having almost no incidents or problems in public restrooms.this makes my argument for the con side more difficult. for the upcoming debate i plan on collecting as much relevant information and doing a lot of reading. i will be taking small side note with every article i read so i can have a list ready when it comes time to debate. this topic has a lot of emotional motive behind it. the trans people this topic revolves around most likely have trouble with acceptance in the community. all these people want is a place to go to the bathroom. i say suck it up, if you have a penis use the Mens room and if you have a vagina use the women room. a perfect example is a high school student seeking to the boys restroom claiming to be a transgender. this is defiantly a perfect example because it is taking place in the setting of children which is the biggest argument for people against using the opposite sex lavatory.  this issue is still in progress /debate and can be found on CNN news if you want to follow the story. that’s all for the blog today keep up to date to see how i do on the actual debate coming soon.

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