My experience while writing poetry has been very interesting. Writing poetry takes a lot of expression, deep thoughts, opinions and feelings. The complexity of writing poetry is frustrating and difficult I’ve never been fond of it, never even liked reading it. The first time I had to write any type of poetry was very difficult for me, it actually took more out of me then i thought. I would much rather read poetry then have to write it. The big difference in free verse and stanzaic form is free verse is combined in like a story form it usual makes it harder to comprehend or realize what’s going on and stanzaic form is more organized. I prefer to read stanzaic and to write free verse. Although since i’m supposed to say how i feel about poetry and how i have better understood it through this whole process i’ll just be honest. I absolutely despise poetry not all poetry, but the poetry taught in schools. I love music but i can’t write it, i truly do not understand poetry not one little bit of it. Nothing we have done has helped to improve this either. I have a middle school understanding of poetry and even that is slightly exaggerated because i didn’t understand it then either. this has been a terrible unit/chapter for me, I’m sure my teacher has noticed. i just plain don’t understand poetry and probably never will. I’m not saying i have a bad teacher but that i just don’t get it.