Huck Finn Initial Impression

This blog is well overdue, but I had free time so better late than never.

Finally, moving on with the whole idea of transcendentalism, I was happy to be starting something new. I’ve heard of the title many times throughout watching movies and just hearing about it. It happens to be an OG in the world of literature. So far into the novel, it’s not something that I would typically pick up and read. The chapters aren’t too long, which makes it easy to read and understand without getting lost.

I like how Twain uses the idea that not all characters are truly good. For example, Widow Douglas is a kind woman that cares for Huck and believes in the word of God. Yet, she owns a slave named Jim. Jim is my favorite character because he seems like the truly only good character in the novel.

Don’t say you’re best friends with someone until you would make an oath like Tom Sawyer and the Robber Gang. The fact that Huck and the boys would swear under oath to be killed if someone said anything is insane. I guess that’s what true friendship is.

I think the plot line is really interesting, and it draws the readers in right away.  Mark Twain’s use of satire makes the book very enjoyable to read. The part that was funny to me when widow Douglas was blessing the food and Huck thought that she was mumbling for some reason.

Even though Huck played a horrible prank on Jim, he still didn’t take the blame for it. Jim and Huck are best friends despite the odds of what society says. Huck is a white boy, and Jim is a slave. Back then that’s a big no-no, and Huck could’ve gotten hanged for just helping him out.

In all, even though I have fully read this book and like I said this blog is way overdue, it’s a good book. 11/10 would recommend.

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