Thoughts on Poetry

Let’s start out by saying poetry is not my forte. I am not poetic at all nor do I aspire to be, but at least I have a better appreciation for poetry because of this class. In my ninth grade year of learning poetry, I dreaded it. I was so lost on what stanza forms were and figuring out rhythm was like reading a book in another language; I just did not understand it. In a matter of three days, I learned everything that we covered in a whole two months. Things started to make sense and finally didn’t dread it as much.

When I was starting to write my poem, ideally I wanted to do free verse. I just thought it would be the easiest because you do not have to keep a certain rhythm and a stanza form. When I began drafting, it became so much harder that I decided to do a couplet stanza form. I felt like I was so much more organized and it helped keep my poem structured. It’s the same thing for reading poetry as well, I tend to like the poems that have structure because it seems to make the poem flow more smoothly. My feelings are still the same about my liked and disliked poem. The disliked poem that I choose was free verse and I didn’t quite grasp the overall concept. My liked poem had structure and the word choice was clever.

Many girls have probably read the book Milk and Honey which is a collection of poems that is divided into four different chapters of pain. How do you know if a girl has read Milk and Honey? Check her VSCO. There’s probably a screenshot of a poem in there. Anyways, a book that I have been recently loving is called Milk and Vine. It’s a parody of the book and a popular app called Vine. The authors take the set up of Milk and Honey and use viral vines as the poems.

To sum things up, I’ve gained a better respect for poetry. Doesn’t quite mean I enjoy it completely but some things I can tolerate.


“Poetry is what happens when your mind stops working and for a moment, all you do is feel”

– Atticus



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