Short Story

The six-word short stories I choose for my diagram were, “I’m dead. I miss you. Kiss…?” and “Longed for him. Got him. Shit.” The first one was appealing to me because I can imagine a lot of scenarios to work with, and I ended up choosing it for my actual short story. I thought the second one was really funny because it is describing high school relationships in six words. The process of how I developed my short story is very strange. I recall my dad was watching murder mysteries last night. I woke up and started brushing my teeth and thought about all the things that were due in school. “Crap! The two diagrams are due today!” I started thinking about all the possible scenarios I could use. A light bulb went on over my head.

My short story is about a hitman named John Kramer, and his wife Ellie Kramer. The setting is set in Manhattan, New York, and Ellie thinks that John is a CEO for a company. The only reason why Ellie married John was that of his money, so she plans to kill him and wants to inherit all his savings. The problem is that Ellie does not know how to go about her plan, so evidently, she hires a hitman which turns out to be her husband. They discuss all their plans only over the phone. Although Ellie is unaware that John is a hitman, she elaborates this plan to make a surprise party for John’s 46th birthday. John agrees to this so he tells Ellie that all she has to do is come after the deed is done and act like she had no idea that this happened. John calls Ellie as the hitman and tells her to come over. Ellie had no idea what to expect and as she walks into the apartment she sees a dead body on the floor. She turns the body over on its side and realizes that it is not John. John walks over casually and snickers, “Love kills huh? Let’s get this party started…” John ends up shooting Ellie. The end.

It’s morbid and there is a lot of plot twists, I know. I honestly did not know how or why I thought about this story, but I give credit to myself. My initial concept wasn’t as detailed until I began researching about the setting and getting a general idea about shaping the characters into who they are. It has definitely helped me get the bigger picture for my story.


“Without communication, there is no relationship. Without respect, there is no love. Without trust, there is no reason to continue.” – Unknown 


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