First Week of Junior Year and Other Thoughts

My first week of school went decent, besides the fact of getting up early in the morning. It was definitely a new adjustment because my regular routine consisted of me waking up at 10 o’ clock. Other than that I was somewhat excited to go back to school. During summer I got consumed by work and field hockey, so I was already anticipating to see all my friends. Most of my classes went okay, I expected a lot more work for this week but to my surprise it was minimal. On the first day of school, I got out early for a scrimmage but I disliked the location of the scrimmage. The school that we traveled to has black turf and combined with 90-degree weather, it was not a pretty combination.

Some of my favorite classes are psychology and jewelry. I have always been in interested in Psychology and Mrs. Murphy is a great teacher! Jewelry is just a hobby for me because I like creating things such as polymer clay charms.  The only problems I experienced during the first week was that my backpack pins were falling apart and my scheduling. I bought a pin set for $11, and sadly they were poorly made so they all ended up breaking. Another problem was my scheduling because I didn’t get all the classes I wanted. I originally wanted American Lit. Honors and Art but they couldn’t fit it into my schedule so it frustrated me.

Something I learned about one of my classmates during the presentation was that Andrew is involved with Boys Scouts of America. He showed pictures of the places he has visited, and I thought it was interesting because I enjoy hiking and exploring nature trails. Another thing I also learned was that many of my classmates enjoyed watching CSI.

Rick and Morty has one of my favorite storylines. In episode 8, season 1 Rick hands Beth and Jerry a pair of interdimensional goggles which lets them view their alternate realities in different dimensions. Many of these visions show them becoming successful, such as Jerry becoming a famous actor and Beth becoming an actual surgeon. (She is currently a horse surgeon)  Seeing as they are very pleased with the results, Summer, Beth and Jerry’s eldest daughter, wants to see what her alternate reality may look like. When she puts the goggles on, she is not able to view her alternate reality because with Beth and Jerry being successful, Summer was never born. (Summer was an unwanted pregnancy, to begin with) When she finds this out, she wonders if her life has any meaning to it. Seeing her parents achieve their dreams in realities where she is not born, causes her to want to run away. When Beth and Jerry see both their alternative realities it makes them wonder if they would be better off spending time apart. Morty attempts to talk Summer out of running away, but it is no use until Morty shows Summer the graves of Rick and himself from the dimension that they are currently in. Morty is still her brother but from another dimension due to the fact that a device blew up causing the previous Rick and Morty to die. Morty tells Summer that “Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody is going to die….Come watch TV?” Finally, Jerry is watching TV with the interdimensional cable, and he sees the successful Jerry on the news running away from the cops on a mobility scooter. He is unsure where the successful Jerry is going, meanwhile, Beth is in the kitchen with the interdimensional goggles. She is enjoying viewing her reality until she hears a knock in her alternate reality house. She opens the door to find the successful Jerry telling her that he hated his life and regretted not continuing their relationship. Beth takes off the goggles and runs to Jerry and they realize that they ended missing each other despite their relationship problems.

I enjoy this storyline a lot because “sometimes it’s scary when everyone around you seems like they have their lives together… Thankfully, Morty is here to show us that no one actually knows what they are doing and that we are all just doing the best that we can.”

–  Kaila Kutz


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