Blog 10

The article that I chose to analyze was one about religion and school. The article was about introducing religion back into the classroom, and also about why it would be good to keep it out. Since both sides of this topic have already been addressed I am going to choose the side that I believe is right. I personally believe that religion should be reintroduced back into the classroom. I think that it is very important for students (even if they do not believe in a religion) to learn about different religions. Honestly for this topic it is pretty hard to build a logical standpoint because the topic itself is based completely around non factual ideas. The only logical point I can think of is the fact that almost all of history has happened because of religion. Almost every war ever fought has been based on religion and the wars that are fought today are based on religion. On an emotional standpoint it would clear up a lot of ignorance in our world today. Many Americans in today’s society have a basic idea but are not educated in their religion or others. Now obviously if they wanted to learn about their religion they could just attend church or a privately run religious school, but not everyone has access to that. They would not have to do that if public schools were willing to start a new class dedicated to the teaching of religions. It would also bring a lot of joy to people who really want to and enjoy studying religions without it being biased. This is the perfect topic to talk about ethically because religion is pretty much completely¬† based around ethics. I think if public schools had a class that taught about religion most students would be able to understand all the different parts of religion that tie into ethics. An example would be how since the radical Islams are doing bad stuff, their are some students who believe that all Muslims are bad and should not be allowed into our country.¬† This ties back into the idea of helping with ignorance as well.

Debate topics

My topic for the debate happened to be the school uniforms controversy. The position I received for the topic was the con side, which is against wearing school uniforms. The pro side would then be for wearing school uniforms. My personal position on this topic is being against wearing school uniforms. I think that wearing school uniforms would put an end to a lot of the individualism and diversification that makes America great. It puts yet another limit on the student’s choice in this already limiting society. I don’t know a whole lot about the topic without searching it on google but I know the basics about it. Obviously I know that there are plenty of schools that utilize school uniforms, and that some schools believe it helps improve students grades. I also think some schools believe that some schools think it will help some students with bullying but there is no proof of that being the case. Students who get bullied because of the clothes they wear will probably get bullied regardless of whether or not they are wearing a school uniform. A quick google search of “School Uniforms Debate” will bring up a bunch of pages of pros and cons listed for have school uniforms. From a logical standpoint the school uniform would wreak havoc on the students or parents bank account. The back to school shopping is a time that all parents dread because it usually means spending tons of money on new clothes, but if students could wear uniforms that wouldn’t happen. Right? Of course it would, school uniforms usually cost anywhere from one hundred dollars to two hundred dollars. One of the biggest ethical issues with school uniforms is religion. Some students won’t be able to wear the uniform because it might clash with the clothing that they are supposed to wear for their religion. A big emotion that ties in with the school uniform policies is anger. There is always students who deliberately disregard the policy and continue to wear what they want anyways.