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This poem is honestly probably the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to understand in my life. I just can not put two and two together when trying to decipher what everything means. My initial reaction to the work is pretty confused. I understand that the poem is based around a character who is going through a pretty tough time, and that he has low self-esteem. Other than that though I just can not pick up anything that is being talked about in the poem. I have so many questions about poems in general but for this one specifically I have a few. First question I have is are the stanza’s supposed to lead into each other or are they each just filled with information only relatively connecting them? In the last stanza does he realize that he is worth something? What do all of the allusions used mean? Personally when I read this poem here is what I think it’s about, I believe that the poem is based around any person in society whether it is a rich elite or a poor beggar. Having listened to the song “Hotel California” I know it is based around dark ideas (Addiction or some people think hell). This leads me to believe that this poem is based around a person going through a tough time in there life. The person is going through such a hard time that they have given trying to get a better life. The character understands that their life sucks but they just suck it up and do not do anything to better themselves. “Hearing the sirens singing–I do not think that they will sing to me.” This quote lets me know that the character also has low self-esteem because he thinks that he is not even good enough for this evil creature to eat him. I believe towards the end of the poem that the character ends up realizing that he/she is worth something. This is because in the last stanzas of the poem is talks about being strong and that his dream was wrong. I think that there are only five important allusions in this poem and they are, “Eagles”, “Stuck in Thoreau’s quiet desperation”, “Hearing the sirens singing–I do not think that they will sing to me”, “The stage is set; now time will see: To do to don’t but never try. We must go on, we must be strong”, and lastly “To sleep perchance to dream as dreamers lie – And realize late my Dream was wrong”. These were important to me because these were what led me to realizing what the poem was about.

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