He lied. She cried. He died.

I chose this short story to be the base concept for my story. I think that it will make a great war story and a pretty easy on at that. The idea that I have in mind is for a man named Tim and his wife Cherry to be living in present day America. President Trump has put us into political and economic despair and we’ve just put been put into WWIII. Tim was drafted to fight in WWIII but he lies to his wife because he knows it will break her heart. Right before he leaves he gives her a note explaining about him being drafted. I thought of the idea because right now in history class were talking about the American Revolution and a lot of husbands got drafted and died in the war. In addition to that I don’t think that it is very hard for most of us to imagine a WWIII happening, and being in economic and political despair. I personally think that this story is pretty much realistic fiction because in my mind it’s very possible for all this to happen. Originally I thought about making a comical short story with lots of laughs and jokes. The first short story that I picked was, “Well I thought it was funny”, but the idea of a sad story captured my thoughts afterwards.  The characters were originally going to be a group of friends that all lived near each other in a small town who would just do stupid things. The more I thought about it though the more I started thinking of typing a war story about a man who ended up befriending two of his military comrades. The setting remained the same throughout the development of my story because I like the idea of basing this story in present times. 

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