Fair week blog

This fair week has been a pretty intense one for me for a bunch of reasons. I have been begging my mom to let me get my permit since the day I turned 16 way back in April. Finally after the six months of me begging and doing extra chores and stuff she finally allowed me to get my permit. So I have been driving since last Thursday and let me tell you, I am awful! In my mind I never thought driving could be as hard as it is. I have a hard time paying attention to signs, keeping a constant speed, and I can’t tell you how  many people iv’e cut off already. My mom claims to have anxiety issues, which personally I don’t believe, and I was so bad at driving at first that she now refuses to get in the car with me. So my step-dad has been teaching me these past couple of days, and my driving has seriously improved. I have been putting in the time and effort to get to know the vehicle that I am driving, and it is seriously paying off. I can now drive at a constant speed, and I am exceptionally good at paying attention to all the signs I drive past.

Other than all of this fair has been relatively boring. I only went like three times this year because its the same stuff over and over again. On top of all that one of my friends just happened to be grounded for the entire fair break, so that really sucked since I couldn’t hangout with him.  My other friends were all busy with other things, so I just kinda did stuff by myself. I skateboarded a lot over the break and I landed a lot of really cool new tricks.


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