Week 2 notes

I am going to start off by describing my second week of school compared to the first. The only notable difference so far is the amount of work, but that is fairly normal so no complaints on my end.

When it comes to the elements of a short story notes, there were many notable differences that I would say strengthened my understanding of the terms. ¬†First off, setting is a very obvious thing to know when it comes to understanding a story, but talking about character reveal within setting was pretty new for me. Another thing that was discussed during the notes was a complicating factor. Of course I already knew every good story needs a complicating factor, but I never thought about it until we went over it. A term that was completely new to me was catharsis. The term identifies the emotional bond between the reader and the characters in the story. I have never heard of a good book where there was no connection between the reader and the characters. This is a key term in making a good story and I am glad that I learned it through the notes. When it comes to climax it seems the majority of the time it is a peak climax, but I learned that some stories will have what is called a plateau climax. Stories that have a plateau climax tend to be horror stories, because they draw out the most exciting parts. Lastly the term “unity” was a new one for me when it comes to a story. It basically means that all the elements have to come together in order for it to be a good story.

I can not remember the name for what the term is, but it is when an author uses the same idea for multiple stories while only adjusting minor factors. That term applies for the stories I am reading right now. The razorland trilogy (actually pretty good books) written by Ann Aguire. The only problem with them is that the same exact thing keeps happening over and over again.Image result for razorland trilogy