First week of school thoughts

So far my week had been pretty normal. This is my first year taking college courses, but they have been pretty relaxed up to now. I have to take my first AP history test today and I am just really freaking out over it. My other college course is CAD and that sucker is pretty hard. From the very first day we have been cranking out work. My other classes up to this point though have been relatively easy and little to no work. A major adjustment for this year is my lunch. I’m in lunch seven and there are way to many people in that lunch. Last year I was in the first lunch and there was barley anybody, so its been a pretty major adjustment. One thing that the school really messed up on this year was only having two lunch checkout things. The lines to pay for our food get pretty fat and it’s honestly ridiculous. I was just informed that I failed my first AP test indefinitely. That’s a pretty major set back for me right now and it’s pretty depressing. Through watching the slide shows I learned that Elise wants to be a prison guard, and I find that to be really cool. I am supporter of women’s equality and I think Elise taking charge and joining the work force is really cool. Right now my favorite video game would have to be UFC2. I’m sure everyone knows what UFC is but if not it’s the Ultimate Fighting Championship. It’s a major organized fighting sport and the game is just absolutely amazing. You can create your own fighter, and since I’m huge into wrestling, my character is of course is a wrestler. My dude is an absolute animal, like he goes hard and I beat people up hardcore. That’s why UFC2 is currently my favorite game.