Blog 21

The novel up until this point has been extremely interesting to me. It started out really slow and dull but since then has gotten much more interesting and more enjoyable to read. When reading it the first couple of chapters were really slow moving and were all around boring. The first exciting thing that happened in the Novel was the introduction of Tom Sawyer. Tom was a character that added life to the story, he brought to light the idea of robbing and killing people. The next major point of excitement was the introduction of Huckleberry’s father. This character takes us into the next few chapters with major points of drama.

The novel is much better than what I first expected it to be. Honestly if we were not made to read this in class I would have never thought to  read it, but it has been very intriguing. I just expected it to be boring and slow which in the beginning it was but has since then proved to be a very good read.

In this novel there are a lot more things that I like than I dislike. To start I really like Tom Sawyer, I think his character his funny and imaginative. I also really connect to the relationship that Huckleberry has with his father. My dad was an alcoholic just like Huckleberry’s. I enjoy being able to connect to the characters like that just like most people would.

The biggest thing about the novel that I did not like was how it started. Like I said earlier it started very slow and just all around boring. There was also the character that first took Huckleberry into her care. I did not like that she was trying to “Tame” him and all that. Overall there has not been anything that I can find a problem with, the novel since then has been really good.


Blog 20

While reading the “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County” I found myself loving the story. The way that Twain used his words and humor really made this story stand out. I found myself laughing at more than one point in the story. I thought the part about the dog not having any back legs was pretty funny, especially since it had them cut off so that it could be used in dog fights.

The way we handled independent reading this past quarter was something new that I have never done before. I personally had no problem with the way we handled it, but I have heard many people complaining about it. It gave those who actually wanted to read their book plenty of time to take it easy and read at a slow pace, but for those who did not read found it increasingly difficult. I would recommend doing something like this again but you should give students the choice between normal independent reading ( two books; test) or a project like this with only one book. I think if you did it like this it would benefit the students a lot more. I know for me personally this way gave me plenty of time to read my book and to understand what was in it.

The first chapter actually makes the entire book seem pretty boring to me. It just goes about Huck getting used to living with the maid. At the very end of the chapter is the only time anything even relatively exciting happens and that is when Huck is about to meet up with Tom Sawyer. Overall the first chapter is not all that good as it doesn’t introduce anything exciting.




I am pretty sure that everybody in our school sees examples of satire everyday and is not even aware of it. I know that I pretty much use it everyday when talking to my friends. Sometimes if they say something dumb I will “expose” them for it and they do the same to me. So that is how I experience satire on a pretty regular basis.

Humor is easily the biggest thing that I have based my life around, if I am not laughing I am not happy. I have set myself around people that make me laugh literally everyday and I am glad that their are people in this school that can because my sense of humor is not always one that people share. I am really big into dark humor because it is just absolutely amazing. I just really enjoy things that are weird that not many other people like and they make me laugh so hard.  So I am trying to insert a picture and I can not really tell if it is being put into the post or not so I am just going to explain what it is anyways. The image was a picture of Hitler dressed as Anne Frank asking her mom where she usually hides. This is a pretty minor example of how dark I like my humor but it was pretty much the only thing that I could find. Basically in the image Hitler is trying to swindle Anne’s mom into letting him know where they hide so that he can find and kill them.

I do not know a whole lot about Mark Twain other than the fact that he is an extremely well known author. I know that he is known for his style of writing (satirical). I personally have never taken the time to sit down and read one of his novels but I do not think that I would mind. Something interesting about Twain that I found was that early on he was not expected to live as a baby.

blog 18 end of a song

Throughout listening to all the sections of this poem I have to admit, I really did not enjoy this at all. I feel like anybody that does not want to major in poetry is going to be significantly confused by this piece of work and overall just not enjoy it. During the entire process I was extremely confused and found myself having a very hard time analyzing this poem and understanding what each thing meant. There was one thing that I particularly liked about the poem and it just happened to be in the part I was assigned, and that was the fact that Whitman wanted the poem to be confusing. In the very last lines he stated that even though it is hard keep looking and you will understand. This was something that I really enjoyed and I feel like I would have really disliked this poem if this was not something I read. Other than my own section I think the section I enjoyed most was the very first group that went up. I was happy to see that they were rather unprepared and you questioned them heavily. Through your questioning it really helped me understand in greater detail what the poem meant.

I personally could see this poem being the most influential because we still see it being used in today’s society. There are certain things explained in this poem that many people follow in today’s world like the idea that it is okay to be different or to question the divine.

I have a lot of questions about this poem and the poet behind it. First off I would love to know why it had to be so confusing to a point that not many people would understand it. Lastly I would like to know why you were criticizing yourself in your own work.

I would rate this poem a 4 out of 5 because it was extremely confusing but still nice to read if you enjoy poetry.

Blog/Vlog 18 Vertigo

While watching the film “Vertigo” I have had lots of different thoughts about the film so far. This movie really sends your mind on a ride when watching meaning that there is so many twists and turns that you are just never quite ready for. I personally really enjoy that I can not really keep a grip on what is happening or going to happen in the movie. I watch a lot of movies and I have the tendency to be able to tell what is about to happen in a movie, but this one has kept me on the edge of my seat and I really enjoy that. So far for being a movie that was made in the nineteen fifties it has a pretty enjoyable plot, most movies from this time period bore me to death. The idea that a women is possessed by her great aunt or something and trying to kill herself seems like something far more advanced than this era and I really enjoy that. Some of the things that I do not particularly like about the film is certain word choice between characters. I strongly dislike the idea that John is also sometimes called Scotty because for one who is not familiar with the movie or watched the seen of him explaining it could easily become confused. Some predictions I have about the film is based around the idea of a major event happening shortly. We have gotten close to the halfway point and nothing crazy has happened yet so I am sure we are due for something shortly. Some ideas for critiques I have so far are pretty minor but rather important nonetheless. The first thing that I noticed is that there seems to be an audio visual delay between the characters mouths moving and when we hear the words. Another thing that I caught was a wording error when Johnny’s friend stated that the speedometer read ninety five miles when he should have said odometer. So far I have really enjoyed the movie and I would consider it a success.

Blog 14 IR

I think that the point of independent reading is to teach students that their is more to life than just screens. I am a personal believer that reading does help improve intelligence and that it helps keep stress down. I am just like every other kid as I would much rather watch TV or play video games over reading a book, but I still know that it is important to read. I am extremely fond of reading, but their is always things I would rather be doing. As a school I think that their are a couple of things we could be doing to help students to read more. First I think that holding classes in the library would help a lot to put students in the room. I think giving more “tours” would help as well because I know a lot of students who do not even know how the library works at all. It is very hard for them to read if they do not even know how to find the books. Lastly some one on one time talking to students about what they might like in a book and then giving them some ideas for books to read could help a lot.

The book I chose was about a family that got trapped on an island and had to fight off looters and bandits to survive. I chose this book because I think it will be a very good read and I expect a lot out of it.

I have not gotten a chance to read any of the book yet because I have been very busy, but I did get the chance to read the back of the cover. I think from the back of it that it will be very exciting to read.

I think that this creating a book trailer idea is very good and I personally think that it will be fun.

Blog 14 Tran

I have a lot of initial thoughts on the topic of transcendentalism. Before going over this subject in class, I was already introduced to the idea a while back in AP US History. I think the idea of Trans. is really cool and I liked a lot of their beliefs. They stood up for what they believed in rather than what society wanted them to believe in. Henry David Thoreau even went as far as breaking the law for standing up in what he believed in. I really enjoyed the idea that you can be connected to every one and thing through nature. I think nature is something that is very important to our world and  I am glad they thought so too. So overall on the topic of Trans. I really enjoyed it and I think they have some really important values.

When it comes to man being naturally good or evil, I think that is a tough one. While I am not completely sure on this I think I would have to lean towards the side of man being naturally good. While everyone in the entire world does bad sometimes I believe that everyone also tries to do good for the big picture. Also I am not vary big in to the idea of their being like the christian god or something making a bunch of rules for us. Therefore the first people must have been able to do good or they would have killed each other and we would not be here. I think that established the rules to follow in society so now it is just normal to be a good person, but I do not think the rules are a necessity. This is why I think man is naturally good and does not need rules to follow in order to be a good person.

Blog 13

Over the course of this unit, my thoughts on arguing have changed dramatically. Before this unit I knew that arguing was supposed to be based on facts and stuff, but I never used any. When I would argue I would usually become irrational and say a bunch of dumb random information. Before this unit I would argue when ever I though I was right, which is pretty much all the time. When I think I am right I almost never have a problem arguing about it. Like I said earlier I used to argue using my opinion instead of presenting facts and logical statements.

The friends that I hang out with usually construct their arguments the same way that I do. They tend to construct arguments based on their opinions on things rather than facts.

The only adults that I usually argue with are my parents and they win. They construct their arguments with facts, but even when I bring facts to the table I still lose.

In our class I think that there was a tie for the best debate.  I believe Nathan and Jasmine definitely had a tie for best debate. Both of them used good information and used their time very wisely.

Over the course of this unit, my thoughts on this topic have changed a lot. Now I try to be more logical when arguing and I only argue when I know that I am correct.

This experience has been rather difficult for me because I did not enjoy it that much. I think that in this topic there were to many rules introduced. Persuasive writing is something that I already do not like, but there was a lot of new rules introduced that made it even harder. Overall developing persuasive speech is something that I did not enjoy doing and found it difficult to do.


Blog 12

Logos- The most important information that I learned about my topic was the price of the school uniforms. This was very important to me and should be important to others because it is something that isn’t talked about often. Like most, I thought school uniforms were free and would be supplied by the school, but they are actually pretty expensive. They  can cost anywhere from $100-$200. This was something that I had not previously known, and their was multiple websites that led to this being the case.

Pathos- The biggest emotional appeal to my topic is the suppression of freedom of expression. Lots of parents and students are arguing against uniforms because they believe it stops students from being able to express themselves. My topic is emotionally charged because many of the arguments against it are based on emotional appeal like freedom of expression.

Ethos- The biggest ethics issue I found with school uniforms is religion. Some students won’t be able to wear the uniform because of their religion, but if they don’t have to wear it then why should other students. How can schools rightfully punish students for not wearing the school uniform, when some students don’t have to wear it because of religion.

Of the three appeals, I believe that emotional appeal is the most important one. It contains the biggest argument against the topic right now which is freedom of expression. Emotional appeal is the most commonly used one for and against it. The pro would be that it enhances school pride, and against is that it restricts freedom of expression. The biggest fallacious arguments is that wearing them lowers bullying and increases grades, and against is that all students oppose school uniforms.

Through this process I’ve learned that using facts and valid sources is the most important things to use when making a good argument. In future arguments I will remember to make sure I use facts and solid evidence.

Blog 10

The article that I chose to analyze was one about religion and school. The article was about introducing religion back into the classroom, and also about why it would be good to keep it out. Since both sides of this topic have already been addressed I am going to choose the side that I believe is right. I personally believe that religion should be reintroduced back into the classroom. I think that it is very important for students (even if they do not believe in a religion) to learn about different religions. Honestly for this topic it is pretty hard to build a logical standpoint because the topic itself is based completely around non factual ideas. The only logical point I can think of is the fact that almost all of history has happened because of religion. Almost every war ever fought has been based on religion and the wars that are fought today are based on religion. On an emotional standpoint it would clear up a lot of ignorance in our world today. Many Americans in today’s society have a basic idea but are not educated in their religion or others. Now obviously if they wanted to learn about their religion they could just attend church or a privately run religious school, but not everyone has access to that. They would not have to do that if public schools were willing to start a new class dedicated to the teaching of religions. It would also bring a lot of joy to people who really want to and enjoy studying religions without it being biased. This is the perfect topic to talk about ethically because religion is pretty much completely  based around ethics. I think if public schools had a class that taught about religion most students would be able to understand all the different parts of religion that tie into ethics. An example would be how since the radical Islams are doing bad stuff, their are some students who believe that all Muslims are bad and should not be allowed into our country.  This ties back into the idea of helping with ignorance as well.