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I will be debating for transgender bathroom laws. my personal stance…..none of your business. just kidding. I am against bathroom laws. I think you should use the bathroom that you look like. if you look like a dude, go to the men’s. if you look like a girl, go to the women’s.

I don’t know much about this topic. I do know that it is a huge debate right now. a lot of people are throwing a fit over this. I know one issue is that people think that rapists will use the laws to their advantage and will rape people. even though rapists aren’t really model citizens that care about laws in the first place. I wish that I knew more about this topic, i am definitely going to need lots of research on this topic. when doing a simple “transgender bathroom debate” google search, the first things i get are links like “3 myths that shape the transgender debate” from CNN and “the transgender bathroom debate has nothing to do with bathrooms” from the federalist. i’m going to have to check out the second one.

i plan on approaching this topic well read. i want to know as much as i can before i try to debate this. mostly because i don’t want to look say something stupid and look like an idiot. i’m going to try and find non biased sources, and biased sources for both sides. that way i know where both sides are coming from. i think i will try and make this a moral debate instead of a statistical one. mainly because i feel that this is in fact a moral thing, not one that is statistical.

this debate can be driven with ethical and moral reasons. an ethical issue is that all human beings should be allowed the freedom to go to whatever bathroom makes them feel the most comfortable in. there are many emotions that i can use. I can use the fact that transgender people are humans and deserve the same rights non trans people do.

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