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I did not like the poem. I didn’t understand about or care about it. It’s going to be hard writing a 350 word blog about a poem i do not care about. <– thats only 31 words, dang. this is gonna be tough writing a giant waste of time blog. who is even going to read this. the answer is no one. i cant even tellĀ  you what the poem is about. i read it like two times and i couldn’t even tell you a single line from the poem. i don’t even know who wrote this poem. or how it became famous enough to come to my attention. who even wrote this poem? just kidding i don’t care who wrote it, or why they wrote it. i just want to be done with this poor excuse for a poem. nah just kidding. poetry is like…art, man, you know. it can be interpreted differently by everyone. and this poem is bad. that’s my interpretation. not very complex. simple and to the point. bad. i don’t even know why i’m doing this. it’s impossible to poop out 350 words about this poem. even if i did like it, it would be impossible. mostly because these questions are stupid as heck. if you want me to give you long wordy answers, then give me questions worth answering.

what is your initial reaction – i didn’t care for it.

what questions do you have about it – just one, why did we have to do this, or was it just busy work?

what do you think about it’s about/why – i do not care what it is about.

Which allusion(s) do you think are the most important to understanding the work? Why? – well i didn’t understand the poem because i didn’t care enough to analyze it. so even with the allusions it didn’t make sense.

there i just answered the questions for you. notice how there wasn’t even close to 350 words. give me a good poem and some good questions and i will give you a quality blog with quality answers. and no i don’t mean give me a stupid complex poem with a crazy set of complex questions. i mean give me a good meaningful poem that i would care about. then give me questions worth my time.

there you go, there’s more than 350 words about that poem. here’s a picture

Image result for baby echidna

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