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I have always liked poetry, at least good poetry. Good poetry being the poems I like. i didn’t think this chapter of poem learning was bad. i am just glad that we didn’t analyze the crap out of poetry to the point where i want to reenact Gabe’s poem, haha. nah i’m just joking. but seriously, every year teachers go “don’t worry we are going over poems but we won’t be analyzing it” then we analyze the crap out of it. some times teachers even force you to analyze it in a certain way. for instance you’ll read a poem and they will tell you to tell them the theme, and when you give their interpretation they will tell you that you are wrong. poetry is supposed to be interpreted by everybody differently. anyways, i don’t like writing poetry. i would much rather read good poetry and enjoy the professionalism. my poems are not even worth putting down on paper, because i don’t write poetry. one thing i do like about writing poems is that you have the freedom to write about anything you want. sometimes that can be overwhelming though. i had so many ideas for my second poem that it took me awhile to land on one idea. then i came up with a deep poem about violation. at least i think it’s deep. not really as deep as a good poem though. these questions are weird to answer. “first thoughts on reading poetry” what does that mean. my first thoughts when i read a SINGLE poem. or first thoughts on reading my first poem ever. because i cant remember the first poem i ever read.

well, writing poetry is fun i think. sucks when you have a deadline though. it’s hard to write a deep awesome poem with a deadline. edgar allen poes “the raven” probably wasn’t written in three days. to construct a good poem, one must ponder for years on the ancient art of poetry.

well i’m spent, it’s too late to think straight.

here’s a picture

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