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The six word short story i selected was “as she fell, her mind wandered. I chose this because I liked all the different scenarios I came up with from this simple phrase. At first i came up with a really really sad story. I was going to write about a young girl being raped and “as she fell, her mind wandered” was going to be when she was attacked. then I was going to write about her struggles with telling her parents and cutting and all sorts of really sad stuff. However, I realized I don’t much about rape except for the stuff I’ve obviously read or heard about, and I didn’t want to inaccurately portray my main character or offend actual victims of rape, so i decided on another idea.¬† I decided on writing a short story about a typical suburban family, but after the husband comes home from the Marines and now he has P.T.S.D. the story is from the wife’s perspective as she deals with her husband’s emotionless state and his distance from her. She ends up finding a guy that is nice and respects her and she cheats on her husband with him. then she realizes how happy she can be with this other man, and when she goes back home she feels even more depressed than she did before. she eventually gets into a fight with her husband and she tells him about her cheating and she leaves with the kids to go to stay at her mothers. after a few days she comes back home and finds that he has killed himself and left a suicide note.

my idea for my story came from the amount of veterans that are committing suicides. I also have done researching on P.T.S.D i learned that it doesn’t just affect the person that has it, it also affects the persons family. P.T.S.D destroys families. when you have the disorder many people do things out of reflex like a loud bang from a chair falling might set a veteran¬† off and send them into a flashback. Crowded spaces are something that also sets them off, many veterans with P.T.S.D hate crowded spaces because in the military they are taught to be constantly scanning there surroundings and it gets overwhelming. All this stuff affects there home life. so i thought that it would be an interesting story for me to write.

while working on this assignment i learned that i should look at my characters as real people, and that i should give them all of their traits and then let their traits dictate the story. i used to write the story and then have the story make the characters traits, and honestly that way is more complicated. Related image

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