A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away

It’s hard to believe i’m a junior already. I’ve been here a week and i’m psyched honestly. It feels good to be back. Everything is pretty much the same as last year, except i hate more people this year.

The presentations we had to do were pretty cool, because i love talking about myself. But i also learned about some friends in my class. I never knew that Mykala was so similar to me. She likes rock, plays video games, and even plays guitar. All along i thought she was just a hippie, haha. I mean hippie in a good way too, not like dirty and smelly, I meant that she is chill. I also realized that Mumaw might be the biggest hick I’ve ever met. That’s not a bad thing, so don’t take it like a bad thing.

So you wanna know my Favorite story?  well lets start.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

So obviously I love star wars. I have a 300 hundred dollar, kylo ren, force effects, black series lightsaber. It is by far my favorite birthday present. Besides the awesome light sabers and sexy gold bikinis, I love the story line. And I mean the whole story line, not just episode one through three or four through six, I mean the entire story from the beginning of the star wars universe. but that’s a lot of typing, and I mean a lot. I could probably summarize the whole story but that would be way, way too much. so i will give you the story of episodes one through three…

Anikan Sky walker was born on tattooine. He was born to a slave mother, and thus became a slave from the day he was born. his mother was Schmi skywalker, and  his dad…was the force, or palpetine, or whatever other alternate theory you want to believe in. Anyways, he gets found by Jedi, becomes the chosen one, and grows up loving a women named Padme. eventually he gets her pregnant, which is not allowed in the Jedi order. Palpetine finds out (or he planned it idk) and he tells Anikan of the power the dark side has. Anikan is terrified of losing padme so he listens intently as palpetine manipulates him into believing that the dark side has the power to save loved ones from death. Eventually Anikan starts thinking that the jedi are evil and ends up killing Mace windu (a Jedi master) when Mace attempts to arrest palpetine for being a sith the whole time. Anikan realizes he is too far gone, and gives in to the dark side, accepting his new role as Lord Vader. he then goes on to slaughter countless jedi after order sixty six is given. And in that incredibly sat montage of sadness, anikan slaughters a room full of about, fifteen defenseless children.


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Afterwords, Obi wan, his former master and closest friend, discovers Anikans evil, and confronts Anikan. Padme, his very pregnant wife, sneaks on to Obi-wans ship and surprises Anikan. He feels betrayed and thinks that Padme is turned against him, so filled with rage, he force chokes his still very pregnant wife, until she passes out. Obi wan didn’t like that too much, so he and Anikan engage in the coolest sword fight in cinema history.

This is a very sad scene to watch, although awesome. Too many people it’s just a cool fight to watch, but when you think about it, it’s very deep. Anikan has a wife, and he wants to protect his wife and unborn child. He finds some one who tells him how to protect them, unknowing that he is a sith, who is manipulating him. then after all the work and life changing that Anikan does for Padme, he misunderstands Padme and thinks she has turned against him, and now his own master and brother like figure, is fighting him with the intent to kill him. Anikan has nothing to live for. He has nothing, straight up nothing.

Anikans Arrogance leads to his failure however. He tries to leap over Obi Wan and gets his limbs severed.

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Eventually he is found by Palpetine, and is given the coolest suit in the universe. He is also told that Padme has now died before child birth, and that was the one that caused her death. So now you have a man, who has sacrificed everything for the person he loved, and she’s gone, and he’s the cause.

The best thing about this story is that it adds humanity to Darth vader. He is no longer just a black suit walking around force choking imperial officers to death. He is a tortured soul with a very sad history. I love that about star wars. So many movies just have a bad guy. Just a plain old bad guy. The only back story is some little ridiculous one they give you for the reason he is bad. Star wars gave us Three movies about why Vader was bad.

So there you have it, i love star wars. Lots of kids had football growing up, me, i had Star Wars. and i would take star wars over some stupid football team any day.

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