The Purpose of Reading

The purpose of reading books is to widen our vocabulary and increase our intelligence along with the benefit of being entertained. It makes us actually think and do work for ourselves. Reading has a endless list of benefits, even though it’s pretty unpopular now-a-days.¬† back in the day I’d go through thousand page books in […]

Debate of the year

My debate topic is the differences of cyber school in comparison to public schooling. My assigned position for the debate is to reveal the shortcomings of the cyber school and to support the benefits of public schooling. This is how I already personally feel , that public school is better than cyber, so it makes […]

6 Word Short Stories

The short stories I chose for this assignment drew my attention from the moment I read them. I just had scenarios flying through my head; I picked,”Music came from the abandoned house,” and the plots I formed in my imagination just kept coming. First i thought of a strange, probably unorthodox thought of a party […]

Fair was Fair

The week was overall amazing, plenty of great food and memories. Although it was perfect in almost every way, there were problems here and there. One in particular, was the schedule of having work at five, but also having football that goes from 2:45 to sometimes six sometimes seven. this adversity made fair slightly trifling. […]

defending a theme

The Inglorious Basterds ravished in the revenge of killing the ideals of a tyrant and the tyrant himself. The ¬†plot occurs during near the end of the second world war, as the basterds travel around attacking and evading nazi germans. Blatantly the theme would be how the revenge is sweet but can also self-absorb you. […]

Deep Thoughts on New Terms

My point of view of stories has certainly been altered if slightly, then oh well. With newly found knowledge recently learned, for example it was the first time i have ever heard of “denouement”. My perspective of how stories and how plots are formed has been widened greatly, it’s almost as like I can finally […]

First Week of School

My week started off with me missing the bus and not realizing it till my neighbor picked me up on her way to school. Then later that day, after talking with my dad, he wouldn’t permit me to drop calculus. I earned a starting spot back on varsity defense and worked my way up the […]