6 Word Short Stories

The short stories I chose for this assignment drew my attention from the moment I read them. I just had scenarios flying through my head; I picked,”Music came from the abandoned house,” and the plots I formed in my imagination just kept coming. First i thought of a strange, probably unorthodox thought of a party going on. there’s an old abandoned  obvious conclusion that it’s a plot to a horror story, creepy mysterious music coming from the abandoned, broken down house. Then i began to ponder about the people that would be involved and affected by the discovery/witnessing the horrors of that haunted house. Different branches of storylines came together and gave life to the plot. The main idea of the plot is that this little girl that is unfortunate enough to have to walk the wrong street at the wrong time, throwing her right into a terrifying ordeal that she can just hope to escape with her life. The house has a demon in it, and, unfortunately for the girl, it sees her as its next victim. The history of the demon is a dark one, it’s vicious streak is a mile wide and none of the stories of its name have been projected in a manner that under serves the death that comes with it. Mahishasura, accidentally awoken by a group of kids on halloween night, reins terror to anyone foolish enough to come near his presence. He also has a particular hunger for small children and his malnutrition will be fulfilled this night, or so he hopes. Since we’re approaching halloween ourselves, my mind is already set on horror themes and this fits beautifully. As I filled out the assigned worksheet for giving the characters deeper meaning and history, my mind began to connect the dots and i was able to visualize a movie in my head. After I completed the paper, I sat and pondered what would happen if i was in her shoes. Tanisha became a real person off the paper with a life a background, she now has feelings and is someone with morals.

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