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Image result for images that aren't copyrightIn all of the three works, Disillusionment of 10 o’clock, Anyone who lives in a pretty how town, and The Love Song, they have common themes of appearances, man and the natural world, time, and versions of reality. They all have this dark like depressing, gloomy atmosphere of life. In ‘Disillusionment of 10 o’clock,’ the poem is describing how the sailor is dreaming/imagining these crazy things, but even though under society predicament, he is having a fun filled life than some other people because they are stuck in their small minded heads and don’t have a great imagination. It is showing that appearances does not define you as a person. There can be many versions of reality that people can have a different point of view and it is comparing a sailor and people from a higher class society than the old drunk sailor. In ‘anyone lived in a pretty how town,’ by using the name, anyone, it gives off the imagination of the reader to be able to step into place of the character that the poet has set up, which in this case, gives off a lonely feel. We have all felt the anxiety from the race of time. We want to find happiness in life, but we feel the pressure of how fast life goes by around us, with the “stars rain sun moon” all going by in the blink of an eye. Love is showed through this poem, a couple, which can be a lead to happiness. In ‘The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,’ the character Alfred is trying to play the part of someone from a high class society background. He is trying to fit in with talking about cheap and high end things, attending a party, drinking tea with women  and hearing what high end people talk about. When you’re young and growing up, you see all these people around you that you want to be friends with and have them like you, but it may not work out because of individual backgrounds. Now personally, we shouldn’t care about that as young kids, but with social norms, it is forced on us on how and what to think. Out of all the themes, I find most applicable to our society today is from the poem, ‘Disillusionment of 10 o’clock,’ because we are all made out of atoms and cells, but that doesn’t mean we all have the same personalities. If everyone did act the same and everything, this world would be boring and maybe we wouldn’t have the things we have today or be in the same positions. With everyone being unique, it will keep you on the top of your toes because who knows what they can do, for example tomorrow an African American was able to find a cure to all cancers and he came from a poor background. Never under estimate anyone because you never know what they are really capable of doing in life. The theme I liked the most was Stephens because as a future educator, it is my job to focus on my students and helping them reach their individual goals to the best of my abilities. I would fail not only my students, but also myself, if I gave them any of them the short end of the stick or not have any expectations from them because how can only have a drive to do something great if not one person believes in them or gives them a push. That is one of the reasons why I want to pursue an educators degree, to not only have an equality classroom but an equity classroom. They are the future of the world. I want myself, and future students, to be able to step in and out of this so called ‘box,’ which is society.

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