Blog 25: The Love Blog of a pretty Disillusioned town

The themes of all three of these works are depressing in some manner. In all three poems, you can tell that the theme is involving the importance of time and loneliness in the world. In “The Love Song” poem, you can visualize the speaker at a classy party in an equally classy town and he is seen trying to fit in. Although it is not going as well as planned, he notices and observes the people and events around him. He is showing that you can live life as a bystander, or an extra, and go your whole life without even fitting in completely. The theme of time is shown by how the speaker lives his life. He states that everyday of his life is measured by coffee spoons, such as to how we relate our lives to certain events we look forward to or remember. In the “Disillusionment of 10 o’clock” poem, the speaker says that the only person who has good dreams is the drunken sailor. Everyone else seems to have no life and is considered bland. This shows how even though you seem “alone” and chase dreams in a different way does not mean you are actually alone. And finally, the poem “anyone lived in a pretty how town” shows loneliness by using “someone” and “anyone” very frequently throughout the poem. Using these broad terms make you feel isolated and left out from society. Time is shown in this poem when the speaker uses “sun moon stars rain” listing off day and night. This shows how many days and nights are going by in the lonely place. All of these poems are connected by happening over a certain amount of time and loneliness will show up anywhere. I find ” The Love Song” poem to be most applicable to today’s society. Many people think that they are useless or do not matter as the speaker thinks of himself in this poem. He even said he would not play a major role in a story of his life, he would play a fool if anything. No matter how popular you may seem or however connected you are to other people or society you feel lonely in some way, shape, or form. I like this poem because it connects to today with how the speaker tries to fit in and not feel lonely but he is not quite sure what to do. Image result for the love song of j. alfred prufrock

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