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Part One:

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is overall a really good book. I liked the whole principal of Huck growing up and learning because at first I really did not like Huck because he was dumb but he was also young and inexperienced. A real problem I was having was attempting to read this book because the slang used back then was AWFUL. I could barely read a page in ten minutes when we had to do the silent reading in class let alone outside of class. I definitely found it better than expected and an above average book for the way Twain told the story and his hidden elements within the text. I think Huck accomplished his job at growing up and becoming more mature in his actions. I found it above average compared to other novels I have read because of how Twain makes his characters and flips them for society. So society would usually find a woman not as intelligent or as capable of things as a man is but Twain makes Ms. Judith Loftus a witty woman who is able to outsmart Huck in his shenanigans. He also makes Jim, a black character, a more humanized role and a big impact towards Huck and white people in general, contrary to popular belief. I hated the last few chapters. Why did you have to go through all of that trouble to free a man WHO WAS ALREADY FREE. and it wasn’t even a “oh well, at least he is out and it was no hassle”. No. Tom had to make everything 1,000 times harder for no reason at all. Everything happens for a reason but typing these last few chapters should not have happened in the first place. I think a modern reader should look at the societal viewpoints and themes. Look at how Jim was treated and what came about to him and of Judith Loftus and her defying the stereotypes. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover is what I would personally say to a modern reader. Pay attention to the text. Of course it still applies. Huck’s mental changes as he grows up should be a lesson for everybody and to not be dumb like Tom Sawyer and drag out little things! This picture describes me reader those last few chapters and realizing everything was in some way pointless to execute.Image result for are you kidding me

Part Two:

We chose to do the board game of LIFE because that directly pertains to the theme of Huck Finn and his coming of age. We are expecting to put a really good twist or strategy idea to make this board game unique as a project. Mr. McGarry even said that board games do not usually get very good grades but we are hoping to change that spectrum.

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