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The most important aspects of chapters 30-33 of Huck Finn are when the gold is found in the coffin, when Huck goes to the raft and Jim is not there, and when Tom arrives at his aunt and uncle’s farm. Having the gold being found caused much tension between the Duke and the dauphin and allowed the characters to escape. When Huck finds Jim missing from the raft, it allows Huck to start a new quest of finding Jim. Tom arriving at his aunts and uncle’s is very important because Huck is finally reunited with his best friend and Tom agrees to help find and get Jim back. Some new characters we meet are Sally the mistress and Silas Phelps. They were believed to have been holding Jim on their farm and were Tom’s aunt and uncle. Since Tom arrives in these chapters, Tom and Huck’s relationship grows bigger and they develop more. This is evident because Tom agrees to help Huck even though he was completely for slavery at the start of the novel. As of now, we know that Phelps farm is holding slaves and they are using them to grow and pick cotton. If the rest of the story is being held on Phelps farm then I feel something very big is going to happen. I feel like there is going to be a lot of stress and suspense put on Huck and Tom getting Jim back and the repercussions from it. I feel like Huck will overcome his immaturity and become a man but not without a cost.Image result for we are almost there

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