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I followed some of our 15 virtues but not all of them. I followed temperance from Friday to Sunday. I ate just as much as I need  which kind of sucked because I am trying to gain weight so I need to eat more but it is whatever. Silence just did not work out for me at all. I like to say what is on my mind no matter the subject so I broke this virtue many times through the course of three days. I did well with order. I was on time to everything and I even cleaned my room *gasp*. Although, on Sunday I has to be somewhere and I left my house a little early to get gas and be there on time just to find out that that event was cancelled for the day. My resolution virtue came up short on Sunday. I told myself I would do  all of my workout but I ended up not following through. Although I do have gym class on Monday and I could make up that missed workout then. For frugality I did not complete my three day experiment of not violating the virtue because I bought candy at a dollar general for no reason at all, but I did buy gas for my car which was much needed. Industry was a fail from the start. I was on my phone these past three days way more than usual and I do not know why because I knew I was doing this experiment. If you know me, you know that sincerity does not float too well with me. I like to say whatever is on my mind whenever and I should have just kept my mouth shut 99 percent of the time. I followed justice over the three day experiment and completed it with no problems. For moderation I think I completed it pretty easily. I did not rush into anything over the weekend and I did, in fact, take my time on things. I failed at tranquillity because I was making a big deal on what candy bar to get and I did not even need the candy bar. I do not believe I need to state my case for chastity but long story short, I followed the virtue throughout the experiment over all three days. I am pretty cocky when it comes to certain information I know, but my humility stayed strong over the break. For generosity, I let my friend borrow my xbox so we could all play together and that made me feel good about myself. Again, I am cocky at times but I was also very confident in my arguments over the weekend and I ended up being right every time. The only thing I could count for patriotism is that I played an American soldier in a video game of mine.

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