My Short Story

I used “I almost had you, didn’t I?” as my six word short story. I picked this short story because it could be used or thought of in many different ways. It makes the reader stay on their toes and it is somewhat of an attention grabber. So this group of friends that all go to the same college together are all interested in the supernatural and entities of that sort. So they all decided to travel to Transylvania, a region in Romania, to try to put the “Dracula” rumors to rest. Stories have popped up of people missing when entering Transylvania so why not go check it out? They get there and set up and nothing is too out of the ordinary. After a little bit, some friends start to go missing. Chris and Emily are two of the few remaining and Emily goes missing. Since Chris has an unnoticed love for Emily and sets out to find her. After escaping a mysterious man, he is able to save Emily and eventually captures this person and it turns out to be Josh, another guy who loves Emily and was a part of the trip with the group of friends that initially went down. After questioning and finding out Josh just wanted Emily to be with him, he starts to go a little crazy…at least more than normal. He didn’t just want Emily, he wanted the other friends to suffer because of how they only treated him nicely after his sisters’ deaths and he wanted to get back at them. So he dressed up as a supernatural entity like Dracula to make them believe there was such thing as Dracula. He then laughs and says “I almost had you, didn’t I?” and that made Chris and Emily mad so they eventually left him there. Chris and Emily live happily ever after and Josh soon finds out that Dracula is real and is killed by him.

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