Defending a Theme

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“You gave my dead bird to a blind kid?!”

“Harry…I took care of it.” Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne are the smartest idiots in any movie ever. The theme of this movie that I thought was deemed worthy of appreciation was “just because somebody is dumb, doesn’t mean they aren’t trying to do the right thing”. Lloyd and Harry mean no harm but their stupidity makes it really hard to seem that way.

The movie first takes place in Providence, Rhode Island but ends up in Aspen, Colorado. Another character, Mary Swanson, leaves a briefcase in a Providence airport as money for thugs to pick up but Lloyd interferes with the transaction and tries getting the briefcase back to Mary. He misses his shot so he goes back home and goes to a store for beer and gets robbed by a “sweet old lady on a motorized cart”. This provokes the two to change their lives around and do something for themselves. Hence, why he travels to Aspen with Harry.┬áThe setting is a pretty important part in the theme of this movie. The two head for Aspen to try to do the right thing and end up taking a wrong turn and head to Nebraska. If it wasn’t for Aspens frigid year round cold and the Rockies, Lloyd and Harry wouldn’t have known better to turn around. Lloyd and Harry end up fighting and break open the briefcase to find a whole lot of money. They try to be responsible and tally up what they used with I.O.Us but in the end, the money is just gone. It seems as though that Lloyd and Harry are the protagonists and antagonists because they are the only two that carry out the theme of the movie. They both try to do the right thing but they also end up accidentally stopping each other in ridiculous fashion. For instance, at the end of the movie, there is a bus full of bikini models that drive up next to Lloyd and Harry. They said they were looking for two guys to oil them up before their shows and Lloyd innocently tells the ladies that they would have better luck finding guys in the town down the road.

See, they obviously made a big mistakes but they also obviously tried to help someone else out.

P.S. I couldn’t figure out how to fix the time but I’m turning this in at 11:36 pm.

Image result for dumb and dumber

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