My First Week of Junior Year

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My first week of school went slow despite the fact we started on Tuesday. One adjustment I made for the school year was buying notebooks for classes. I found the surface pros frustrating at times because of the internet not working and messing up everything I had on OneNote. Plus, with notebooks, there’s no internet problems and you can keep it after the school year. With the surface pros they delete your work and you can’t look back on it. Not that I was going to anyways but you get the point. I had doubled up on Prob and Stat and Calculus which i don’t know was the best of decisions because then I have to hear K tell the same jokes twice a day BEFORE lunch. I like Mrs. Murphy. She brings energy to class everyday but we take a lot of notes. The first week I was writing it all by hand but there was so much to write and she kept moving ahead and I was falling behind and I looked around and saw everybody already finish their notes and I became very frustrated. I then looked on Google Classroom and there were guided notes for us on there… It takes me a while to catch onto some things. I then have culinary arts but we are just learning how to wash our hands so I have no comment on that class right now. And then there’s this class. I am not a fan of English classes but I find this class the best of the day. Most people find it dumb but I really enjoy the Classcraft game we have. I am also very sarcastic so I feel like McGarry and I will get along well throughout the year. I thought Jaclyn had an interesting presentation because I didn’t know she wanted to help kids as an occupation when she is older. The movie “Unbroken” is one of my favorite movies ever. I thought it was crazy how the main character, an Olympic athlete, survived on a raft for over a month and became a slave to the Japanese only to overcome his prison commander. He was moved to another camp and end up with the same commander again and he tortured the athlete every day. The commander told him to hold a steel beam above his head and if he dropped it he would get shot so he held it for hours to prove the commander wrong. I found that movie interesting despite the mixed reviews because he proved someone wrong and that caught my eye. The picture above is the main character holding the steel beam in the movie. This movie also serves as motivation for this school year to prove people wrong and find my true strengths.

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