The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain was definitely a task to finish, and wasn’t one I enjoyed overall. I feel like it dragged on especially at the end when they were at the Phelps’s farm, but I guess that was kind of the goal. It has interesting parts like when the Duke and King  were first introduced, yet that was also dragged on longer than wanted. Overall I would consider this an above average written novel, but a below average for my enjoyment. Twain used literary techniques impeccably with foreshadowing, irony, symbolism, and allusions. All of these and more developed the themes of this novel very well. One thing I don’t like is how certain characters represent one theme and have no depth whatsoever, particularly Tom. There are parts throughout the novel where Tom is an important character, but we always know what decisions he will make because he represent nothing except southern Romanticism, and that just got annoying. This novel is not like anything I have read before. The dialect is the biggest difference, but there are other things like the role of women in  and the anger towards racism in an older book. The last couple chapter like I said dragged on, so what I would have done is just take Tom out of these chapters because he is the one who did this. Other than that it was a pretty good ending. I think the biggest takeaway of Huck Finn is equality for any differences, race, gender, religion, and one not in the novel sexuality. These are still problems in the world today and I think our modern society can learn a lot from this novel.

My group is doing a personality quiz where you get to see what character you are based on how you would respond to different situations, based on the themes in the novel. We chose to do this because my table ends up going on BuzzFeed  often and take quizzes, so the goal of this is to be fun and engage every individual.

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