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After concluding Huckleberry Finn with the class, I’ve been left with many feelings, and questions, regarding the story. One of these, for example, is how god awful the ending is! But other than that, I thought that overall, it was a good book. It has almost what you’d call a slow start, then upon pap’s arrival, it immediately picks up; I found that it seems to pick up even more the further you progress in the book. It had many nice allusions to other works and even effectively voiced Twain’s opinion of southern culture and all like that through the character of Huck. To be honest, it even exceeded my expectations. After all the joke and such from kids and adults alike poking at Huckleberry Finn for having to grudgingly read it at some point at school. I actually enjoyed reading it, at least, until the ending.

In terms of themes, I thought it conveyed plenty well the themes Twain was trying to get across. You could tell of Twain’s criticism of southern culture and slavery through the acts of Huck and his inner conflicts between what is morally right and what is culturally right in terms of beingĀ  in the south. Also he does it so effectively that he’s able to even make us feel emotionally conflicted with characters. For example, Judith Loftess, a woman who offered Huck her help and was pretty nice all around, is put in a morally gray area, as while she does have good character, she still follows through with southern culture, specifically slavery.

In comparison to other novels, while it wasn’t as enjoyable as other books I’ve read, it’s an enriching one at that, because it addresses many cultural issues, many of which are still present today.

In terms of the ending, I would honestly change how it all “works out” in the end, despite the many problems that previously occurred to huck and group prior to this. It just seemed too fake for it to all be OK despite what they all did.

The things to be taken away are the perceptions of racism and cultural influences.

It still applies to today, as things like even racism are still a huge problem.

Our Huck Finn project is a film that pokes at the book but still emphasize important points that came across in the book. Our goal, while it is to express certain book themes and such, is also to entertain, or rather, impress the audience with the film.

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