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At first, I just thought of the story as some irrelevant story created by Twain to essentially troll us, given to us as busy work so that we can suffer. But in all seriousness, I thought it was well written, as upon a first read through of the story, you don’t think of the ending as much, as just our main character laughing off the story in a jokingly way, but instead, you soon realize that he was the one who was getting bamboozled, as the other fellow had been trolling him the whole time, feeding him tall tales and such. The guy making the point that appearances are deceiving, that despite “looking” unintelligent, being from the south, and not having money for prestigious schooling, he was able to outsmart the main character, who was ignorant and full of himself, as he didn’t even bat an eye at him until the later regions of the story, and the end, where he realized what had happened to him.

As for independent reading, I’m honestly not a huge fan of where its going. While what we’ve currently gone to IS more thought provoking and is better for us from an overall perspective, I liked the AR tests because of one major factor that makes them worth doing. They are very easy to complete, even if you never read the book! Because of this, I’ve been able to cruise by with AR, mainly in middle school, where be’d be asked to complete a given number of AR tests. You could easily get answers, either through the internet, or from other people who had taken the test. Like I said though, the new way of AR has made me read an a more in-depth manner, thoroughly reading instead of skimming the book.

Chapter one sort of gave me an adventure book vibe, but I doubt that’s what it’ll amount to. In terms of the chapter itself, I thought it was fine, however, I did read the “younger” version back in middle school, so I already have some idea of the beginning.

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