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To be honest, I expected a completely different story. Considering how many people have read it, and everything I’ve heard about it, both good and bad, I expected some huge ancient text that was dry as a bone with little to no interesting or entertaining points whatsoever; some book that just proclaimed Twain’s opinions about slavery, southern romanticism, and anything else he held reserves towards. But instead, I was pleasantly surprised by what the story gave me – an entertaining, yet interesting, book about a fictional character, yet is able to reflect many various important points or ideas Twain has, without boring me to death. But even though is entertaining, and fictional at that, it still has depth to it. For example, Huck is a character who had a tough early life as he was without a mother (death), and who’s father was alcoholic and abusive, meaning he had to mature quickly in order to sustain himself. Twain brings this point up through some of his early interactions with the robber gang. For example, he took Sawyer’s imaginative story as a realistic thing, believing that diamonds and armed men awaited them upon the end of one of their “robber adventures”. However, to his dismay, there was nothing like this to await him; there are a number of other examples like this where he is questioned upon his poor knowledge of children story aspects and mentalities, like imagination. This all basically leads to the point that the reason Huck doesn’t have any knowledge or experience with things like this. Twain is able to voice his opinions through Huck regarding the ridiculousness of southern romanticism, or even his opinions of slavery, such as prayer or even the idea of the genies. There are many other aspects of the story that give it even more depth than mentioned. However, I’ve barely even scratched the surface of the story, given that I haven’t even finished the story yet, but I digress. Long story short, I thought it was great so far.

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