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Other than the occasional technical hiccup or horrible 50’s movie effects, it has been pretty interesting so far , given it was from the mind of Alfred Hitchcock, it’s almost guaranteed to be interesting or to at least engage with your mind to some extent. The fact alone that the movie’s title carries such weight, like how it intertwines with many parts and aspects of the story, gives it that much more depth than your average movie. Without any prior knowledge, while watching this movie you question the protagonist’s actions, only to realize that everything you thought you knew about the movie was naught. However, while I have much praise for the movie, it is, after all, a movie from the 50’s, so there’s obviously going to be certain problems, such as quality issues, plot holes, and a number of other problems. I’m sure if they were to remake the movie, all of these problems would be alleviated. In terms of predictions, I’m pretty sure John will continue on with his investigation of sorts until he realizes the truth about his investigation and WHO he’s really been investigating. Now, in terms of critique, I have a couple of comments about it. First of all, lets talk about the car driving scenes, or rather, the “turning” scenes. Now, I can understand that the movie was made in the fifties, but even still, I think they could have made the “turning car scenes” more ascetically pleasing. They should’ve just ditched all the attempted CGI affects and just stick with the real deal. Another critique I have for the movie is its transition between Madeline’s death and the flashbacks, as well as the transition into Carlota’s possession of Madeline. They both should’ve been more natural and fluid feeling. I think that would’ve made it (them) easier to understand and recongnize when they happen durring the movie.

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