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I’ve really enjoyed transcendentalism so far, as it makes people think in entirely different mindsets, not to mention, I think there are lessons to be learned with it. For example, with Emerson’s Nature, he preaches that man and nature need to exist as one, not nature serving man, or vice versa. This is the same case with Self – Reliance. In this story, Emerson (this time) preaches the belief that one should not lose their individuality, which is ABSOLUTELY true. However, I don’t think this type of thought and reading is everyone’s cup of tea. Because of that, I know there are mixed feelings for the subject, as well as for Emerson and his works.


On the topic ofwhether man is born evil or good, I completely agree with the side where man is born naturally of good intentions, but man is not of purity. I think that while man is born of goodness,  man is instead easily susceptible to evil qualities, like greed and hatred, functioning as a test for man, like putting a treat in front of a dog. Man is like the dog, and if the dog were to disobey its master, and become overcome by some lust or greed of sorts, would indulge in itself and eat the treat, like man giving in to its inner emotions and thoughts. Obviously, there are better analogies of what I’m trying to convey, but honestly, I think this is accurate enough. I just can’t wrap my head around the belief that people are born and destined to be either good or evil, but I digress.  Not to mention, you cant use society as a means to hold these “evil men” down, as society is constantly changing and judging different things, such as fashion styles and other trends. In terms of arguing for my “side”, I’d probably just restate everything I’ve ranted about so far in the blog and then talk about how people’s behaviors change and fluctuate throughout their lives for periods of time. Therefore, I don’t find that to be a valid explanation or point rather that all men are evil and are kept in check by society.


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