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(I know its way too late)Blog 9

Honestly, I couldn’t stick with many, if any, of my virtues. To be honest, the only one I KNOW I was successful with was cleanliness, because let’s be honest, it’d be pretty hard to not brush your teeth, take showers, or to not clean yourself in general. While I am pretty sure I was successful with more virtues than just cleanliness, this all happened so long ago that I can’t remember jack about it. However, I do remember which ones I definitely failed. I clearly remember failing science, as my friends and I roast or cuss each other out, in good fun of course. I also know I failed frugality, as I remember spending money on a new pair of shoes, which realistically, I didn’t need whatsoever. I know I failed industry, obviously, considering I’m doing this really old blog right now. And to top it all off, I’m sure I failed industry, moderation, and temperance. I failed industry with having poor time management for homework so it doesn’t end up late, I failed temperance as I know I’ve eaten too much of something at least once since the virtues, and I’ve failed moderation from things such as watching too much TV or playing video games too much. Honestly, I sucked following the virtues all the way through. I’m not surprised, from personal experience, that good ole’ BenĀ  couldn’t complete them all, as some of them happen pretty commonplace, like knowing when and not to talk, or doing things in moderation instead of excess. I’ll be impressed if anyone was able to achieve all of the virtues without fail.

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