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gun control thoughts (blog 11)

For the upcoming debate in 2 weeks, I had picked gun control as my topic, which I’m actually quite glad about, as I was a afraid I’d get some really controversial or hard to talk about topic, like police racism or transgender bathrooms. As for the side of gun control, I was given con, which is something I’m NOT glad about, as outside of the debate topic(s), I believe there should be more gun control. One thing that’s nice about a topic like this is that its common enough to where I have at least some basic knowledge of it, such as certain magazines have been restricted as well as some automatic weapons (I think?). However, while there are federal rules and regulations with guns, it also comes down to a state level, and unfortunately, I don’t know jack about Pennsylvania’s specific rules and regulations. With a basic google search of  “Gun Control”, I was able to find a number of articles that talked about the extremes of the pros and cons, such as either gun control is infringing upon the second amendment, or that guns should be limited to almost nothing but handguns. I plan to address the topic logically by talking about how guns are still easily obtainable and accessible regardless of what restrictions are placed (as well as to show statistics to back this up). In terms of ethics though, I plan to talk about the second amendment as well as self defense, as these two topics in particular have been the basis of people who are against gun control or at least strengthening it. I can also tie emotions into this part of the topic as fear of danger through mention of self defense as well as disgust with talking about the (potential) infringement of the second amendment.

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