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I’ve always loved poetry for as long as I can remember, not the generic crap we were read and shown in elementary school, but actually meaningful works that had depth to them. But given that it was sixth grade, the stuff we saw is nothing compared to some of the poems selected for us in high school. In ninth grade and eleventh, I felt we had an abundance of good poetry selection, except for tenth grade, where we were given a poem about a drinking man who painted and just happened to be dealing with clinical depression. Trust me, it was NOT a good poem for reading nor writing about.

In terms of writing writing poetry, we didn’t do so until sixth grade, though it wasn’t that complex or in-depth as the stuff we are writing in high school. We didn’t have any true knowledge of rhythm, content, or any figures of speech, so we tried to stick with creating rhyme schemes with more diverse words. However, we did start to analyze poetry for things such as a “deeper meaning” during eighth grade with Mrs. Zimmer. But to be honest, we didn’t REALLY get to create poetry with much depth or anything until this year, as most of our units with poetry in the past have consisted of nothing but a brief two weeks on ridiculous poetry terms that never came to fruition, as half the time, we never even got tested on them. But nonetheless, I still enjoy reading and writing poems, regardless of the scenario.

(Free verse Vs. Stanzaic)

When you talk about which one you prefer more, you have to think of multiple factors, such as, “If I construct a free verse will it still retain some sort of structure or will it be unable to be followed or even understood?”, or, “If I do a stanzaic poem, will it seem too generic or predictable?”. Not to mention, it also depends who your audience is, such as whether it is a bunch of prepubescent kids or a college professor. But with all of this aside, I personally prefer free verse.

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