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A fair story

A long time ago, in a state fair not so far away, I was walking around with my family, as I normally do on the first day. We walked to and fro, as my mother, grandmother, and aunt, grazed upon fair food, while me and my dad were contempt with just one meal then waiting some time for another. I saw the fair as more of a social gathering than just a time to feast, which is probably why I didn’t follow my mother and company in their constant food search. However, as we continued our walk on this absurdly warm Saturday, I quickly began to realize that I had to tame my hunger. As I had been recently sick, I hadn’t eaten much as my stomach always felt upset from the constant drainage of mucus from my head. Because of this, I started to think about what to eat, but alas, I couldn’t make a decision! After announcing this to my family, they all suggested I weigh my options, so I did. First, I asked myself if I wanted to stick with a regular or try something new. For example, I could get something I’ve always liked, such as a cheesesteak from Vince’s, or, I could take a risk and try something new from a stand I’ve never gone to before. I had never cursed my own indecisiveness as much as now! Luckily for me though, I had people around who I could ask for help. I asked my family about what they thought I should eat that night. I was recommended pizza, pierogies, a beef sandwich, and a hot dog. I immediately dismissed the hot dog and pizza, as there are quite a few stands at the fair who specialize with those two foods, so now, I was down to two choices, either pierogies from Joe’s or a beef sandwich from Top of the Beef. After much thought, I eventually decided, with my family’s help, to go to Top of the Beef instead of Joe’s Pierogies. Next time I come down here, I’ll make sure I have a plan I want to eat that evening!

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