The end! (Of Huckleberry Finn)

The novel was pretty ok in my opinion. It was fun to read, and when we came together to talk about it i found the discussions enjoyable. My expectation going into the novel was ‘this is just going to be like every other book they make us read in class’. I ended up enjoying the book, a lot more then i thought i would originally. it showed off it’s themes well (satire, western romantism). Tom had this vision of how robbers and gangs should look (which was very very off) and seemed to view the world in his own little way. In comparison, this was a pretty good novel. my favorite however has to be any of the warhammer 40k books, though. I dont think much should change about the novel.

What i think readers should take away is that some people like to view the world the way they want it to be. with one of the main themes of the novel being ‘western romantisism’, it is very common. Another thing to be taken away is that no one is inherently good or evil. some of the characters had good qualities, while at the same time having bad qualities. the novel still applies to our society today. too often do you see people acting like the world revolves around them.

all in all, this was a good read. I’d rate it 11 lobsters out of 10.


Blog 180432^2 or something

This movie is fun, but this man is a horrible detective. How the woman he was tailing didn’t notice him is beyond me. I liked the vertigo effect during the rooftop chase. I predict that something is going to go very wrong. I think the film is successful, because i find it very interesting.

Blog 11: End of Argument

Well, the debate for my group was a train wreck, if it wasn’t obvious. for our argument, we did the cons of school uniforms. we went into it very unprepared. What i found suprising is how much we sucked, and what didnt go wrong? Never again do i want to debate. Ill go and check ‘Politician’ off my job choices now.

Independent Reading

In my opinion, the way we could better independent reading is by not making it a graded thing. It takes the fun away from reading, and sometimes rushes people to finish a book, just so they don’t fail a grade.

For my book, I chose ‘Ready Player One’. Why? because it’s 80’s references and video games just interest me already. Judging from the first chapter, the main character reveals he found the treasure and will describe how he got it, so I think he will tell about the things he did for the treasure, and what he gained from it.

Blog 13

I was interested in reading about what Emerson thought about this. I’m usually interested on how people interpretate human morale. So i found this interesting from the start.

I agree with Emerson that everyone is born good, just evil is taught. It is also affected by the environment and culture you were raised in. If we weren’t taught things like race and wealth, we’d be able to get along a lot easier then we do now.

I believe that society does not need rules to keep from doing evil things. to me, rules make people want to do evil things, just to oppose them. if we were not taught evil, everything would be easier

My virtues

The virtues I have broken were Silence, (No surprise there) Temperance, Tranquility, Industry (again, no surprise), Justice, Ah, I pretty much broke every one except Chastity. It was a fun experiment, though the first day my table and I were just throwing out things at random. The moral of this experiment I suppose, is that no one is perfect? Anyway, Still a fun experiment, and made me realize i’m not as good as I think I am. Now here is a photo of OG Franklin. Enjoy.

Blog 8: Final Poem

My reaction to ‘A Smile’ was confused. Most the poem didn’t make sense until we finished going over the meanings and such. Afterwards it made much more sense, and was easier to read. I had a few questions, like what did the bear represent, why did the author choose the songs for the allusions, and what even was the general idea of the poem?

I thought the meaning of poem was just something about being philosophical, because of some of the allusions. It just seems to be a deep poem, i guess. nonetheless it was fun to read.

The allusions i thought were important were the ones about the music, mostly because I found them fun. The footnotes helped to figure out what is what, and made it easier to understand.

Blog 7

My experience writing a poem wasn’t the best. It took me a while to even come up with an idea, and manage to make it sound good or smooth. I like writing short stories more then poems. It was fun in some ways. One of them was trying to find words that rhymed. It was fun and challenging. Writing the poem was hard, because it’s not like other forms of writing. I enjoyed reading poetry however, my favorites are ‘the Raven’ and ‘The Road Not Taken’. I tried Free verse because at first because it looked to be the easier of the two, but when i attempted writing in Free Verse, I couldn’t come up with ideas. Eventually I went to making it rhyme, and ended up with a somewhat decent poem. During the time I spent writing my poem, I learned that poetry is best left to the professionals.


(Road Not Taken, Photo by RadioWest)

Blog 2: Notes.

Notes, notes, notes..¬†notes.. NOTES… NoTeS…

Teachers love ’em, students hate ’em.¬† Now, I know what your thinking. “At it again with the way overdue blogs, man!” My answer to this is simply I’m lazy, uncreative and I have no clue what to write. Anyway, let’s talk about week two. If I remember correctly, it went smoother then the first week. I gathered my old friends from the year before, so that was a plus. Then, I was assigned this blog, which was a minus. It’s hard for me to write “creatively” while having certain parameters, so I tend to dislike these blogs greatly. The notes weren’t that bad, and I enjoyed my classes for a while, up until around week 3, when stuff got serious. Geometry stressed me out, American Cultures is interesting, and Language arts isn’t all that bad, it’s just the blogs that kill me. Well, that’s life.

I suppose that’s it for this blog, see’ya next time!

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