What’s my story?

The short story I’m writing was based around the six word short story “Goodbye, mission control. Thanks for trying.” I picked this because it could be taken in a multitude of ways. The short story I’m writing goes something like this: In the year 2018, nuclear war has begun. The story follows a nameless survivor as he seeks cover as the world around him goes up in flames. As he travels throughout the United States, he encounters other survivors, hallucinations/visions of what could be/has happened, all the while trying to find a safe place to wait out the nuclear storm.

The story follows a setting similar to the game Fallout: New Vegas, and the Fallout series in general. It differs because instead of a 1950’s take on the future, it’s modern day, and it starts mere hours after the world ended. I want to add a horror theme to this, as most my other little stories I wrote do.

The setting and plot changed very little since when we started planning. All that was changed really was the Survivors starting location, which changed from Las Vegas,  Nevada, to Seattle, Washington. He still makes his way to the Mojave for shelter.

That sums up my ‘What’s my story’ post. I’m a bit excited to see how my story turns out, and hope it goes the way I plan it does. Thanks for reading!

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