My fair week

WELL, I have no clue what to write here other then my week was a total bust. My parents wouldn’t let me go on my own, so whenever I went I had to have someone with me, and I ended up getting dragged around, doing what they wanted. The last day of fair however, I was able to slip away from the group I was with to do something I wanted, which was a virtual reality exhibit. I ended up spending about 60 to 70 dollars at that stand.

What I did was play a game called Raw Data, A FPS (First Person Shooter) game where you play as either a Akimbo-pistol wielding man, a DoomGuy looking dude with a shotgun, an Archer with a bow that looks like the Green Arrow, or a Robot Ninja (I think his name is Err0r?) with a sword. The game pits you in an arena with a bunch of enemy robots, and you have to take them down while defending this tower that collects data. each wave (Or phase) brings on new enemies, from drones to hostile ninja robots, sometimes even a tank.

The second and last game I played was Arizona Sunshine, a zombie survival game. much like the first game, it was a FPS, and you play as a nameless dude in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. I played the horde mode, so I haven’t been able to try out the main campaign. It is a very challenging game, as there is no time to prepare between waves. You keep moving, or risk getting eaten alive.

looking at my week, it started slow and eventually picked up. I did get to do a few things, such as that VR stand. I also seen some ducklings. I guess it was fun, seeing what was at the fair. I also got a Kohr’s Orangeade, which I waited a year for.

Well that seems to sum up my week. If you visit the fair next year, I highly recommend trying out the VR stand. It was well worth the money, in my opinion.  Also, if you haven’t; try a Kohr’s. They’re good. See’ya next year!

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