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The novel Huck Finn was a very interesting novel.  There were a lot of surprises throughout the story that took me in a complete turn.  There were also some things that took place that were completely and utterly stupid.  One example of that is when Tom decided to break Jim out in order to put Jim right back where he was.  That made zero sense to me.  The book was a little better than expected, since it was written so long ago.  What made it not over the top for me was that it was harder to read due to “dialect” or language that it was written in.  It definitely did accomplish its job with the themes, especially Southern Romanticism within Tom’s character.  This novel compares to other novels that I have read as being more well written than most that I have.  The end of the book was very relieving that Jim was finally “free” from the farm, even though we find out that Miss Watson died and Jim was free the whole time.  I would change the way that Jim gets freed because it did not make any sense to have such an elaborate plan, when one- Jim was already free and two- there was such an easier way to get him out.  I would say that the most important thing to take away from this novel is how Tom acts.  He knows that Jim is already free, but tells Huck that he will help free him to make it look like he has changed, when in reality he just wants to have an adventure and is hiding the truth about Jim from his friends.  Yes, the novel does still apply to our society today because we do not do things that are morally correct, but instead do what society tells us is the “cool” thing to do.  Our Huck Finn project is going to be a LIFE Game board with different situations depending on what square you land on.  We picked this project because the game itself is relevant to the novel and then we can make our own twist to it to represent the book very well.  Our expectations are to get a really good grade, while representing Huck Finn well while making a game that can be played by multiple people.



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