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The most important parts of chapters 30-33 of Huck Finn are when the gold is found in the coffin, when Huck goes to the raft and Jim is not there, and when Tom arrives at his aunt and uncle’s farm.  The gold being found is important because it allowed the characters to escape and also caused tension between the Duke and the dauphin.  Jim missing from the raft is important because it leads Huck on a new adventure to find him since he was taken.  Finally, Tom arriving is very important because Huck is reunited with his best friend, and Tom decides to help him get Jim back.  The new characters that we meet are Sally the mistress and Silas Phelps.  They were Tom’s aunt and uncle and they were holding Jim on their farm.  Huck and Tom have further development in these chapters.  Huck considers going to Hell in order to free Jim and Tom agrees to help Huck, even though in the beginning of the novel he is totally for slavery.  What we know about the farm is that it is where the slaves are kept and they work to grow cotton.  I think the plot line is moving towards something big.  I think there is going to be a lot of action when they try and free Jim because the overall feeling of the novel is very suspenseful.  My prediction for the end is that Huck will free Jim and Jim will become a free man at last and reunite with his family, while Huck overcomes his immaturity completely and becomes a man.

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