Blog 22

My selected author for my IR this quarter is Robert Matheson.  I chose this author because he is known as one of the most prolific horror story writers of his time.  I read a lot of reviews on his books and all of them were good and hinting to me that I should read one of his books.  His primary form of work is novels.  This impacted my consideration because I really enjoy a good horror novel.  The three most interesting works by this author are Hell House, I Am Legend, and The Beardless Warriors.  What is interesting about Hell House is that two people are hired by a dying billionaire to investigate life after death, which is very intriguing.  What is interesting about I Am Legend is it is about a deadly disease that people are trying to find the cure to.  Lastly, what is interesting about the Beardless Warriors is that it is based off the author’s time as an infantry man in WWII.  Matheson was born in 1926 and lived through WWII.  He published his first novel at age 8!  He went to the University of Missouri.  He wrote a lot of novels and short stories, until 2013 when he sadly died.

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