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The book Huckleberry Finn is a book like I have never read before.  The author, Mark Twain, is one of the greatest American authors in history.  When I first starting reading Huck Finn, it was really hard to read the text since it has so many misspellings to make it seem how they would talk back in the day.  The book is definitely a lot better than I expected it to be.  The plot within the story is very fascinating and the fact that Huck Finn is only twelve or thirteen, is intriguing due to all of the things he does.  I like how Huck can “think on his feet” just like when he did at the log cabin in the woods with his dad.  He used blood from another source and placed it inside the cabin for his father to see when he woke up.  In doing this, it made it seem as if he was captured by somebody and taken away, most likely dead.  Since his dad would think he was dead, he was free to go and travel as he pleased because no one would go looking for him if he was dead.  This was one of the ways that Huck thought on his feet throughout the first several chapters of the book.  What I really thought was weird was that Huck did certain things in order to get punished with a beating.  He deliberately missed school so that the teacher would beat him when he went back.  This was during the time that he was living with the Widow Douglas and he was so accustomed to getting beat by Pap Finn, that he was not used to the lifestyle of living with the Widow.  I understand why he did that, and why he was not used to a lifestyle of not being abused, but I could not wrap my head around the fact that a kid who is being abused, would purposefully do something to want to get abused more.  It does not make any sense to me, and this was the only part of the book that I was truly confused about.


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